9-11 mosque

LIST – Updated 12-30-10

USPS stamp: “The Heroes of 2001
Original photo: Thomas E. Franklin
(©The Record, Bergen County, NJ)

(The Record, Bergen County, NJ)

NOTE: Considerable time and effort was spent compiling these posts – all original to this site – excepting the cartoons. Posts may be used – as long as it is not a copy/paste of the entire post and proper attribution is given. Cartoons absolutely must contain the name of the cartoonist/source. Thank you.

Most recent at top – then filed below

2010 CNN’s Most Intriguing: GZ mosque Feisal Rauf

Cartoon: “Which structure insults Ground Zero?”

2010 TIME’s People Who Mattered: Feisal Rauf

9-11 mosque denies King Saudi involvement in relocating

NBC Person of the Year: Sharif el-Gamal (video/text)

Today: Mosque developer, el-Gamal, plays the victim (video/text)

Cartoon: BP oil spill or Shariah law?

Misleading GZ mosque cartoon
GZ mosque cartoon: “We’re not all crazy extremists”
Cartoon: No POTUS endorsement recall

In New Mexico:
POTUS asked about 9-11 mosque
POTUS: “I’m a Christian by choice” (video/text)

First Family goes to Church!
POTUS re: “outright resentment of Islam”
President Clinton re GZ mosque (video)


Mosque supporter RAGES at Holocaust survivor (graphic video)
Rev Wright weighs in on his disciple’s religion question

Imam Rauf – Soledad OBrien

*Soledad O’Brien – Imam Feisel Rauf interview (video/text)
*Cartoon: Imam Feisal Rauf
Major props to Soledad O’Brien
*Imam Rauf: “I am grateful to President Obama for his wonderful speech supporting our project” (video)

Mr Trump

Mr Trump offers to buy mosque site
Mosque developer refuses Trump offer – wants more money

Pastor Jones

Park51 developer: “project will proceed as planned”
Imam Rauf statement re: Jones’ bonfire cancellation
Pastor Jones calls off bonfire, claims NYC meeting with Imam Rauf on 9-11
Why is the media just now discovering Pastor Jones?
POTUS: “This is a recruitment bonanza for al Qaeda” (video)
Gen Petreaus weighs in on Florida church protest
How many Korans were burned to cause the unprovoked murder of 10 aid workers in Afghanistan?


Irrefutable proof of CNN’s bias re: 9-11 mosque (pix/video)
MSNBC’s 9-11 mosque propaganda (pix)
TIME Stars and stripes crescent and star : “Is America Islamophobic?” (pix)
Hardball does entire show with “ISLAMOPHOBIA” on screen (pix)
Intersections, the mosque, the money, the cabbie, the volunteer and the “War on Prayer” (video)
MSM hypes “ISLAMOPHOBIA” – ignores unprovoked execution of Mormon bishop
CNN pro-Muslim, anti-Christian propaganda continues
Poetic propaganda (cartoon)

9-11 Remembrance

The National 9-11 Flag site (events, video)
Brotherhood of the Traveling Flag (Sept 3 video)


NYC board oks Ground Zero mosque
NYC votes against landmark status for Ground Zero mosque building
Mosque developers don’t completely own the property

Shariah: What’s never mentioned in mosque discussions


9-11 mosque (may be disturbing)
Anti-Ground Zero mosque
Stop the mosque!
“American Muslims have extraordinary contributions to our country”
No mosque at Ground Zero
A Sharia Christmas
GZ Landing zone (may be disturbing)

9-11 memorial
POTUS: “What’s not to support?”
Religious tolerance in the Muslim world?
GZ mosque “disrespectful and needlessly provocative”
Pouring salt in the wound
“Is Obama a Muslim?”
Monument to “martyrs”?
Poetic propaganda
Hallowed ground
POTUS: “I don’t comment on local issues”
Ground Zero

9-11 cartoons made private until Monday

Islamophobia propaganda
Rahm’s solution for proving barry’s Christianity
Ground Zero masque
“Freedom from religion”
“Not all Christians are hateful”
The mosque, the pastor, the condemned woman

“You’re being insensitive”
No Ground Zero mosque
Mosque ok, cartoons not ok


(July) Rasmussen: 58% oppose Ground Zero mosque
CNN: 68% oppose mosque
Pew: Mar ’08-Aug ’10 only 7% increase in folks saying barry is Muslim
(Aug) Rasmussen: 67% Not At All Confident mosque is being built to honor 9-11 victims
TIME poll: Only 26% support the 9-11 mosque
CBS poll: 42% with favorable view of Islam say mosque site inappropriate


POTUS Ramadan message (text)
barry endorses Ground Zero mosque (video/text)
Bill Burton: barry “is not backing off in any way from the comments he made”
barry spins his endorsement of 9-11 mosque (video/text)
barry’s mosque endorsement was part of the prepared text
Bill Burton re: Reid’s mosque comments
barry has “no regrets” re: 9-11 mosque endorsement
barry felt it was “his obligation” to address the 9-11 mosque
WH wants you to know barry “prays every day” and is a “committed Christian”
Williams interview: barry denies endorsing the mosque…again (video/text)


Ret Lt Gen William Boykin: 9-11 mosque “will increase the recruiting to the jihadist cause exponentially
Palin’s “Legitimate Questions” for barry re: his 9-11 mosque endorsement (tweet)
Rep King re 9-11 mosque: “President Obama is wrong”
Sen Reid “thinks the mosque should be built someplace else
Joe Scarborough deliberately misrepresenting barry’s mosque endorsement
Rep King: 9-11 developers don’t own the building (video)
Larry King: Gov Paterson re 9-11 mosque (video/text)
Speaker Pelosi re: 9-11 mosque (video/text)


Mayor Bloomberg’s mosque reward: A round of golf with barry (video)
Mayor Bloomberg’s mosque stance financially motivated?


No Mosque at Ground Zero (Brit Pat Condell video)
Kill the Ground Zero Mosque” (video)
Ground Zero Mosque protest (video)
9-11 victory mosque protest today in NYC
“This is Andy from Brooklyn… Fuggetaboutit!” (video)


Joy Behar – Pam Geller: Ground Zero Mosque (video/text)
Suzanne Malveaux – Pam Geller re: Ground Zero mosque (video/text)
Ground Zero mosque: Pam Geller – Ibraham Ramey (video/text)
Ibrahim Ramey: 9-11 “was not an Islamic attack, it was a criminal attack”
Fareed Zakaria, Bret Stephens, Peter Beinart discuss 9-11 mosque (video/text)


Chris Matthews: Stringer, Faulkner re Ground Zero Mosque (video/text)
Chris Jansing – Pam Geller re: Ground Zero Mosque (video)
Chris Hayes: “birther movement” started with Taitz, 9-11 mosque “Islamic b-ball court/cooking school” (text)
Suhail Khan: 9-11 mosque opposition is “just a bigotry blip”

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