Mattie Disclaimer

July 2010

Paid WordPress the $29.97 to stop then from placing ads on this “free” blog.

There should be NO ADS on this site.

February 2010

I am the only citizen left here. I remain politically unaffiliated and this site remains unaffiliated with anyone or anything. If you see an ad for something – it’s because WordPress puts them on all WP blogs whenever, wherever and however often they like.

Thank you for stopping by. Hope you found what you needed. Feel free to comment.



This blog was set up to document the media’s Pro-Obama propaganda and the direct effect it has had on the Democratic nomination and presidential election.

We are politically neutral.

I reserved my right to vote to remain so.

America is founded on the fundamental right to speak freely, believe freely, write freely and be absolutely free from censorship and propaganda.

Obama’s presidency is meant to embody The Constitution and bring us one step closer toward achieving a More Perfect Union.

But a More Perfect Union cannot be achieved by violating that very same Constitution.

This was written in Dec 2008 and had nothing to do with the Constitutional challenge to barry’s eligibility to be POTUS. We follow it because it is another issue central to barry’s lack of vetting and clear proobamedia bias.

What would have happened to Sen Clinton?

There’s all the proof you need.

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