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*LIVE spill cam

The 11 Americans who perished

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Most recent

Cartoon: BP oil spill or Shariah law?

What kind of oil is Gov Christ checking out?? (photo)

Draper Lab awarded $13M to develop autonomous subsea vehicles

Cartoon: So, where did the oil go?

BP OIL well officially declared dead

BP spent $93.4M on ads (April – July)

More believe Pres Bush did a better job with Katrina than barry with BP OIL spill

barry says criticism of his slow BP response is “just not accurate” (video)

BP cartoon: Not Martha’s Vineyard

BP cartoon: Super Barry to the rescue…

74% of BP OIL pollution gone – 1.274M barrels remain

BP has begun the “static kill”

‘Static kill’ demonstration (video)

Oil spewing from a different damaged wellhead in Gulf (video)

Spill cam screenshots

May 25, Jun 4+ Air Force 1, Jun 6, Jun 8, Jun 9, Jun 15, Jun 16-19, Jun 21, Jun 23, Jun 25, Jun 28

Jul 1, Jul 5, Jul 7, Jul 10, Jul 12, July 17, July 22, July 28


Beauty of the Gulf
Sunset: Perdido Pass, Orange Beach, AL
Port Forchon, LA sunset

BP photo of the day
POTUS at the beach
Massive oil slick at rig site
Flailing bird
Fire on Discovery Enterprise from lightning strike
Which animal is edible?
The Pelican & The Congressman
Is this an omen?

Oil encroaching wildlife habitats
Mississippi delta oil vs vegetation
Oil engulfing barrier islands

Apr 25, May 4, May 9, May 11, May 17, May 20, May 24, Jun 10, 12, Jun 18, Jun 26, Jul 4

Compare: May 9 & 24
Compare: May 24, Jun 18

Open sea
Surface oil slick, dispersants, marsh
NOAA photos

Aerial & surface oil slick, dispersants, marsh
Oil patties – Gulf Breeze, FL
Suspended in the water column
Oil blobs and boom

Oiled wildlife
Oiled Dragon fly, sea turtle, jelly fish
BP oil-soaked birds
Dead turtle, bird
Oiled Brown pelicans, chicks, eggs
Flailing bird
Dead fish
BP Oil-smothered bird
Day 72: Number of gulf wildlife affected by oil
Sea Turtles

Day 94: 19 sea turtles returned to the water (video, pix)

At the beach
Day 57
Don’t make me eat that

Gulf signage
I want my life back
BP, You Killed Our Way of Life
Where’s the Birth Certificate?
How the hell are we supposed to feed our kids?
Bienville Animal Medical Center


Map of spread in gulf
Time elapse map tracking oil spread in Gulf
In relation to wildlife refuges
Jun 25 NOAA: Near shore oil spread
Compare spread along shore: May 26, Jun 24

Map of oil spread:

Day 51, 55, 57, 59, 63, 65, 68, 70, 72, 76, 80, 83, 88, 90, 100, 104, 106, 112

Compare: July 2, June 2, May 2
Compare: July 14, June 14, May 14
Compare: Jul 21, Jun 21, May 21

CEO Tony Hayward

Hayward statement
Hayward: “the overall environmental impacts of this will be very very modest” (video/text)
Hayward explains his “very very modest environmental impact” comment
Hayward: “This is clearly an environmental catastrophe” (video/text)

Hayward: “We’re doing everything we can to stop the damn leak” (video)
Hayward: “Ultimate solution is the relief well” (video)

Hayward: “I want my life back” (video)
Hayward apology re: “I want my life back”
Hayward ad: “I’m deeply sorry” (video)

Hayward: “What BP Is Doing About the Gulf Gusher”
Hayward tweet: “We expect to be judged on the quality of our reponse”
Hayward: it’s food poisoning
Hayward: we’ll be able to capture the “vast majority” of escaping oil

Hayward re: $20B fund
Hayward opening statement (video/text)
Poll: POTUS/BP handling of the Gulf spill
Tony Hayward’s chilling at yacht race

Official: Hayward out, Dudley in


AC 360: BP managing director Bob Dudley (video/text)
BP COO Doug Suttles capping update (video/text)
Candy Crowley – Bob Dudley (video/text)

BP refuses to change dispersant
BP re: subsea containment methods
Why BP kept the video hidden

BP must pay an estimated $69M to US by July 1
97% OSHA violations for oil refineries handed out to BP

BP brands
BP logo change?
Google helps rehab BP’s image
Friend BP on YouTube
WordPress happily promoting ads for BP
Hypocrisy of CNN re: BP

BP to donate net revenue from spewing well for Gulf wildlife fund

BP Sr VP Kent Wells explains relief well process
BP COO Suttles wants folks to “feel free to share their thoughts and experiences with journalists”

BP sealing cap update

Day 89: Well integrity test continues, intact x 48 hrs

Adm Allen letter to BP mentions “detected seep a distance from the well”

BP – WH meeting/escrow fund

POTUS re: BP meeting (video/text)
BP Chairman Svanberg statement, Q & A (video/text)
Svanberg re: ‘small people’ comment
Svanberg re: dividends
Hayward re: $20B fund
Bottomline: WH-BP meeting
WH-BP meeting: Did Eric Holder make a deal too?

BP claims total to date
Jun 13, Jun 19

July 16: 114K claims, $201M paid by BP

Jun 19 oil containment numbers

BP Oil in the Gulf

Day 77: 113-193M gallons BP OIL polluting the Gulf

BP rejecting skimmers (McClatchy – July 2)

BP hearings

Photo: Meet the oil executives
Rep Barton: Escrow fund was a “a $20B shakedown” (video)
Hayward opening statement (video/text)


‘Static kill’ demonstration (video)

BP has begun static kilL


Why it took so long for barry to show up
“Is it Obama’s Oil Spill Now?”
Oil lobbyists
‘Gulf Water’
BP’s new strategy
“Los Prez” to the rescue
Obamessiah in the Gulf
POTUS finally gets involved
When are they going to plug the damn hole?
Exxon Valdez vs BP
Criminal charges
barry & Big Oil
Spill cam….LIVE!
POTUS Oval Speech
Doug Suttles’ meaning of is
Is this what pelicans mean to BP?
POTUS party line
Greetings from the Gulf
Happy 4th of July
Hurricane season

POTUS leaking oil

Hayward’s getting his life back…and the fish?

Where’d the oil go?


2008: #1 recipient BP donations = barry
Day 24: gets angry (video/text)

“Summary of the Federal Government’s Role in BP’s Effort to Stop the BP Oil Spill”
Executive Order: National Commission on BP oil spill

Politicizes disaster at Sen Boxer’s fundraiser (video/text)
Did his anecdote sound real? (video/text)
POTUS: “You never heard me say ‘Drill Baby Drill’” (video/text)
May 27 press conference (text)
May 28 POTUS remarks in Lousiana (text)

barry in bed with BP?
Time to hold POTUS responsible
POTUS to make 4th visit to Gulf (video)
POTUS has not ever spoken to Tony Hayward (video/text)
POTUS wants to know “whose ass to kick” (video)
June 8 Today Show (video/text)
Hilarious video remix: “Whose Ass To Kick”
“3 Reasons Obama Should Kick His Own Ass” (video)

The defining moment in barry’s presidency

POTUS chat with UK PM Cameron
POTUS: “I am confident that we’re going to be able to leave the Gulf Coast in better shape than it was before.” (video/text)
POTUS Oval Office speech (text)
POTUS re: BP meeting (video/text)

Child: “I’m not sure he should actually be golfing right now” (video)


Rasmussen: 58% favor offshore drilling
Aid to the US?
Free application: “Oil Reporter”
CNN has LIVE video feed of oil leak
Put Gen Honore in charge of something

Were the BP cleanup workers just photo op props?
Contractor: “I had no idea about the President”

BP Crosstown Cup (Cubs vs Sox)
Day 58: Ass kicking expected to take less than 20 mins
Stop boycotting BP gas stations

Day 72: Number of gulf wildlife affected by oil

Top Chef’s Tom Colicchio to use Gulf seafood in his restaurants (video/text)

“A Whale” will not be deployed

Day 100 by the numbers (video)

How oil-eating microbes work (video) worth watching


Secy Salazar: “We will keep our boot on their neck until the job gets done
Rep Melancon’s emotional testimony re: oil disaster (video)
NRSC video: “Never Again” Obama and the BP Oil Spill (video)
Candy Crowley – Alabama Gov Bob Riley (video/text)

Pres Clinton re: barry  and the BP OIL disaster (video/text)


AC 360: Who’s holding WH responsible for slow response?
AC 360 attempts oystering – channels Forrest Gump (video)

Matthews: “When is he actually going to DO something?” (video)
Matthews: “This president is not acting like Commander in Chief” (video/text)
Matthews: “No sense in my heart and head that this White House is in charge”
Matthews rant re: Oval Office speech (video/text)

Chuck Todd re WH non-response to Gulf: “It’s either being stupid, arrogant or ignorant” (video/text)
James Carville: “He just needs to get down here and start doing something!” (video/text)
Eric Holder: “American people will not pay a dime for the cleanup
Jonjon Alter: “It’s just another one of these messes that President Obama was left to clean up” (video/text)

Flow of leak

Prof Wereley estimates 70K barrels/day – not 5K (video/text)
USGS official flow rate estimate = 12-19K barrels/day

Day 50: BP releases hi-resolution video of massive gushing (video)
Energy Dept provides online access to BP raw data
Tom Foreman demonstration of the magnitude of flow (video)

Day 57: Flow estimate = 35-60K brls/day

Why isn’t BP telling us the actual flow rate?

BP jokes

Leno: White House “the slowest moving thing on Earth”
Fallon: “Obama would be the least scary bully of all time”
Fallon re: BP-WH meeting


LIVE BP spill cam

Failed dome, gushing oil
Blame game + intial video of underwater leak
National Geographic video preview
BP to continue LIVE video feed during “top kill”
Video explanation of BP’s “capping” procedure
Oil washing ashore LA pelican rookery
Day 50: BP releases hi-resolution video of massive gushing
Day 63: 40 de-oiled pelicans released back to nature
Hilarious video remix: “Whose Ass To Kick”

Day 87: NO oil gushing into Gulf (video)

Day 100 by the numbers (video)

How oil-eating microbes work (video) worth watching

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