Updated 12-18-10

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1 in 3 women in the military raped
States allowing same-sex marriage/civil unions

DADT Choi/Lt Col Fehrenbach
Factoids: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell


March 19 Conspiracy at the Rachel Maddow show involving Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell?

March 21 Lt Dan Choi: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell has got to go (video)

April 29 Lt Dan Choi’s speech at U of C San Diego

May 6 Lt Dan Choi kicked out of Guard b/c he’s gay (video)

May 7 Rachel Maddow: Lt Dan Choi re: his dismissal from the Army (video)

May 8 Lt Dan Choi on CNN’s American Morning

May 8 How do you say “Don’t ask, don’t tell” in Arabic?

May 10 This Week: Gen James Jones re: DADT (video)

May 24 This Week: Adm Mullen re: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

May 27 Petition to POTUS to prevent Lt Dan Choi from being fired

June 23 Maddow: Lt Col Fehrenbach update (video)

June 29 American Morning: Lt Dan Choi (video)

June 29 1Lt Choi’s letter to POTUS/Members of Congress

June 29 Letter from Congress asking POTUS to suspend DADT

June 29 List of Members of Congress (77) backing Lt Choi

June 30 Final judgment: Lt Choi kicked out of Army

June 30 Rachel Maddow Show: Lt Choi statement (video)

June 30 Olbermann re: DADT: “The President is goddamned wrong”

July 1 Letter from Vietnam Veteran to POTUS re: DADT

July 1 In support of Lt Choi and LGBT members of Armed Forces

July 1 USAF Lt Col Victor Fehrenbach to be dismissed after 18 years & 88 combat missions (video)

July 1 Robert Gates re: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (video)

July 3 barry: LGBT reception remarks (text)

July 3 Lt Col Fehrenbach re: barry’s reception (video)

July 7 In support of Lt Col Victor Fehrenbach

October 9 DADT: women dismissed at greater rate than men

October 10 National Human Rights Campaign Dinner (text/video)

October 11 Gays march on Washington (video)

October 15 Jon Stewart: “Radical gay agenda” (video)



Rachel Maddow: Col Fehrenbach after SOTU (video/text)
Rep Sestak: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell must go (video/text)


DADT hearings

Rachel Maddow (video)
Lt Dan Choi (video/text)
Adm Mullen (video/text)
Secy Gates (video/text)
Lt Col Fehrenbach (video)
Sen McCain opening (video)
Sen McCain’s evolving statements (video)

Colin Powell comes out in favor of repealing DADT
2 Iraqi vets share thoughts re: serving with gays (video)
Poll: DADT, same-sex marriage
Lt Choi returned to training
Sen Lieberman to introduce legislation to repeal DADT
Gen Casey: “We don’t know the effect on readiness and military effectiveness” (video)
MTP: Gen Petreaus (video/text)


(3-3) Maddow – Maj Mike Almy (video/text)
(3-18) Maddow – Maj Mike Almy (video)
DADT: Lt Dan Choi arrested outside WH (video)


Don’t know what happened to them.


DADT heckler at Sen Boxer fundraiser (video)
Joy Behar: Lt Dan Choi (video/text)
DADT stats: LGB serving, discharged


DADT: Women, minorities discharged at higher rate


Cartoon: Identify the gay soldier
Cartoon: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Shut up


DADT discharge Maj Margaret Witt reinstated


House passes DADT repeal; Lt Choi hospitalized
Senate passes DADT repeal
Graphic: Results of Pentagon study re DADT

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