ND: Weslin, Jenkins

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[scroll down for “The Mobile Party” Comic

Fr Weslin/Fr Jenkins/Notre Dame posts

(12-7) Fr Weslin ND court date postponed – DC case dismissed

(11-22) Fr Weslin ND court date – December

(11-5) Fr Weslin arrested protesting healthcare bill (video)

(11-6) Released from jail


The hood of honor vs the humiliation of handcuffs (pix)
Fr Weslin’s earthly reward for defending sacred vows (pix)

Cosmic Karma for Fr Jenkins & Notre Dame
Fr Jenkins where is your conscience?

ND arrests (May 15 & 16)

Arrest #1 Fr Weslin (Video)
Arrest #2 Fr Weslin (Video)
Side by side video: barry/Fr Weslin

Alan Keyes message from jail
“Emergency ruling” was not directed at Notre Dame protesters (lie)

Fr Weslin: court date, October 1st

Fr Jenkins

Fr Jenkins exonerated legally, not morally
Fr Weslin statement re: arrests (6-8)
Fr Jenkins receives “Millstone of the Century Award”
Fr Jenkins on Board of pro-abortion organization

Fr Jenkins: “we must seek steps to witness to the sanctity of life”

Laetare Medal/Professor Glendon

Notre Dame Laetare Medal
Professor Mary Ann Glendon declines Notre Dame’s highest honor
Professor Mary Ann Glendon declines Notre Dame’s Laetare Medal (copy but had comments so it was left)
Fr Jenkins statement re: Professor Glendon
Fr Jenkins: No Laetare Medal awarded this year
Gibbs non-answer re: Professor Glendon

ND Commencement ceremony

Quinnipiac poll re: Notre Dame Commencement

President of Notre Dame Fr Jenkins’ letter to 2009 Graduates
President of Notre Dame, Fr Jenkins: Commencement remarks (pix + video link)

barry’s Notre Dame Commencement Address (video)
barry’s Notre Dame Commencement Address (text)

Notre Dame Students Stand For Life (video)

Match not made in heaven: Francis Cardinal George & barry (videos)


ASU: barry can speak, no honorary degree
ASU caves: The President Barack Obama Scholars Program
CNN’s Preston: barry’s degree enough for ASU honorary degree

barry was awarded the Nobel Prize but couldn’t qualify for an honorary degree from a state school.


‘The Mobile Party’ Comic Strip: “What’s the easiest way to turn a ‘fruit’ into a vegetable?”

Original comic strip

GLAAD statement,

Comic strippers’ apology,

The Observer’s apology,

Fr Jenkins statement,

Observer managing editor resigns,

The Mobile Party” discontinued

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