Fort Hood

November 13, 2009

Updated list of Fort Hood posts

List of the murdered


(11-5) POTUS re: Fort Hood mass murder (video/text)
(11-6) POTUS re: Ft Hood (video/text)
(11-7) POTUS Weekly Address: Fort Hood (text)

barry thinks the muslim murderer “cracked” (video)

Ft Hood

US Army Keara Bono-Torkelson eyewitness account (video)

Today Show: Heroes Sgt Munley & Sgt Todd (video)
Sgt Munley & Sgt Todd re: shooting (video)


Another hate-filled Muslim kills innocents

Video of muslim murderer 7 hours prior to shooting

Muslim murderer paid naked women to dance for him

So did the murderer act alone?

Muslim murderer’s motive was written on his business card

Stop with the muslim discrimination in the military crap

Dignified transfers

2007 memo: muslim murderer fat, stupid, unprofessional

Fort Hood Memorial

Arrival POTUS & FLOTUS (video)
Invocation: Col Michael Lembke (video)
Opening remarks: Lt Gen Robert Cone (video)
Inspirational remarks: Gen George Casey (video)
POTUS remarks (video/text)
Amazing Grace: Master Sgt Natasha Hartley (video)
Final Roll Call, 21-Gun Salute, Taps (video)


Gen Casey re: Fort Hood (video/text)

O’Reilly: “media having trouble with the muslim terror angle” (videdo)
O’Reilly: “There’s no question that Hasan is a terrorist” (video)

Olbermann ridicules O’Reilly for calling Ft Hood terrorism (video)

CAIR’s NIHAD AWAD: “I will never come to the conclusion that religion is the motive” (video)


Muslim murderer charged with 13 counts of murder (video)

Muslim murderer’s lawyer: client coherent, paralyzed (video)

Army lawyer declined to defend muslim murderer

Muslim murderer worried about HIV test results (video)

Muslim murderer faces additional 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder

Ft Hood: Muslim murderer out of ICU

Ft Hood muslim murderer medically cleared to leave hospital

(6-2) Ft Hood murderer appears in court, wins delay

US Army murdered


(and fetus)

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