Rape – Polanski

(July 12, 2010) Swiss say no to extradition, free Polanski

1 in 3 women in the military raped

Goldberg: “It wasn’t rape rape” (video/text)
Sanchez calls out Goldberg (video/text)


September 30, 2009

Ms Goldberg have you read the transcripts?

Perhaps you should.

Perhaps you should know what the rapist – yes, rapist – admitted to doing before you decide it wasn’t rape rape.

Perhaps then you would know what he was charged with, what it means, and what he said to justify his actions.

Roman Polanski was charged with rape.

He was charged with six felonies: rape by use of drugs, perversion, sodomy, lewd and lascivious act upon a child under 14, and furnishing a controlled substance (quaaludes) to a minor.

It was not a case of if or maybe or sort of or it didn’t happen that way. He was initially charged with six felonies, which was pled down because the child he raped did not want to testify – not because it wasn’t “rape rape”. He admitted to drugging and raping a child he knew was only 13 and then tried to justify it by saying she “consented” and was “experienced” and they just “had sex”.

“Had sex” implies consent.

The age of consent in California is 18.

He was 44 she was 13.

He was charged with rape and was allowed to plead guilty to unlawful sex with a minor.

Unlawful sex with a minor = statutory rape.

Statutory rape = rape.

Roman Polanski was charged with rape.

Roman Polanski admitted to rape.

Roman Polanski pled guilty to rape.

Roman Polanski, by his own admission and in the eyes of the law, is a convicted child rapist.

Roman Polanski is and always will be a pedophile – no matter what you think, Ms Goldberg.

And since the self-admitted child rapist fled before he was sentenced, he has the additional charges of failure to appear and fleeing the jurisdiction.

Three decades have passed and he has yet to be held accountable for what he planned and carried out that night – rape of a child – which he claimed was consensual.

Who else but an admitted child rapist would think a 13 year-old in any state of consciousness, let alone drugged and drunk, is capable of consent?

And what type of ignorance allows a 53 year-old grandmother to angrily proclaim that a 44 year-old man drugging and then repeatedly penetrating a 13 year-old with his penis is not rape rape?

How young and how incapacitated would she have to be, Ms Goldberg, before you considered it rape rape?

Which qualifies for rape rape in your mind, Ms Goldberg?

Oral vs penile penetration?

Digital vs penile penetration?

Foreign body vs penile penetration?

Penile penetration of “only” one orifice?

What if the rapee is “only” forced to perform sex acts on the rapist?

What if she is “only” forced to penetrate herself?

Does it only become rape rape, Ms Goldberg, when the woman or child is murdered during the act?

When the woman or child is bleeding from all her orifices?

When the rapist is a complete stranger?

Do you consider a “friend”, coworker or frat boy drugging and then repeatedly penetrating a woman: rape, rape rape, not rape, not rape rape, she asked for it, she should have known better, or c’mon, are you kidding?

What terminology do you use for a wife who is forced to perform her “marital duty”?

For a daughter being incested by her father?

Does it only become rape rape when she is imprisoned underground or in a tent and forced to give birth to her siblings?

We know what you don’t consider rape rape:

A child – all alone – who is so afraid of a man over three times her age that she doesn’t know what to do to make him stop. She asks him to stop, she pleads with him to stop, she tries to get up and leave and he grabs her and starts all over again. A man who had so premeditated the act that he gave her quaaludes and alcohol, forced her to get in the hot tub and then the pool and then when he was ready laid her down on the bed and forced himself into her. And as he is raping her – yes, raping her – he is so possessed of his faculties that he asks her when her last period was and gets angry when she can’t remember, which he then justifies for other depraved acts.

What more needs to happen for you to consider that rape rape, Ms Goldberg?

When is a sex act of any type or degree performed on a child anything but rape rape?

Rape is a medical diagnosis related to physical acts – not a legal definition with differing degrees of punishment.

Physically, she was raped.

And the rape legally happened the moment he pled guilty.


Roman Polanski is a rapist.

And why does what an admitted child rapist do for a living justify your anger, Ms Goldberg?

Would you have considered it rape rape if he were the plumber, cable guy or next door neighbor? A teacher, priest or coach?

What if the rapist was her brother, uncle or cousin? A fellow soldier?

If 44 year-old Roman Polanski had drugged and forced himself inside a 13 year-old boy, would that meet your threshold of rape rape, Ms Goldberg?

The tragedies the admitted child rapist survived as a child and as a husband makes what he did to her beyond heinous.

But you, Ms Goldberg, believe a child rapist, who has never been punished for crime(s) he committed, admitted and pled guilty to, deserves to receive a lifetime achievement award.

For what?

For achieving what he set out to do that night?

For using just the right combination of drugs and alcohol to avoid killing her, while keeping her conscious enough so she would feel everything he did, hear everything he said, and never be able to forget any of it?

For getting away with it?

For getting you to defend him?

What award does he deserve, Ms Goldberg, for pleading guilty to raping a child and then leaving the country to avoid sentencing?

How many other children do you think he has raped, Ms Goldberg?

If a man reaches the age of 76 and hasn’t admitted to himself that what he did was wrong in any and all circumstances, then he deserves more punishment than was initially assessed.

If a man can father more children and watch them grow up with their innocence intact and not realize he needs to be punished for stealing the innocence of a child not his own, then he needs to be separated from his children until he does.

If a man is willing to accept a lifetime achievement award, without first paying his debt to society for a crime he committed and pled guilty to, then he considers the premeditated drugging and raping a child an achievement, as do those bestowing the award.

As do you.

You, Ms Goldberg, are why raped women and children do not come forward.

You are why the police don’t believe them when do.

And you are why it is so hard for them to overcome the shame and humiliation.

Could you stand before the 13 year-old child now woman’s three teenage sons, Ms Goldberg, and say, you know sons, your ma wasn’t raped raped because the pedophile wasn’t charged with rape rape.

Could you look them in the eye and say, you know, sons, your ma wasn’t raped raped, so maybe she enjoyed being drugged, held down and forcefully penetrated by a man over three times her age.

Could you say to them, as their mother stood in the doorway, since your ma over there wants the charges dropped, she couldn’t possibly have been raped raped. And then wink and whisper, you know sons, when you win an Oscar and can’t come accept it because you fled the country after you admitted to drugging and raping a child, I’ll go on national TV and defend you by saying it really wasn’t rape rape.

You cool with that?

What you said, Ms Goldberg, implied that not all rape is rape and that sometimes it’s acceptable – even of a child. Like when a child might not be a virgin or when the rapist isn’t charged with rape rape or apparently in Europe where they “look at things differently”.

Rape is rape.

There is no such thing as rape rape or not rape rape.

Someday, perhaps already, a 13 year-old girl will stay silent because she doesn’t want to hear you screaming that what was done to her was not really rape rape.

Another girl will watch the video each time after she is not raped raped to convince herself that the shame isn’t real.

Another girl will cry silently as she hides in her room and watches you defend the rapist because he makes great movies.

Another girl will see the rage in your face and stuff down donut after donut to keep her own rage from escaping.

Another girl will tattoo her skin to try and cover the permanent stains the rapist left behind when she wasn’t raped raped.

Another girl will pierce her face and genitals with metal spikes so she can feel something other than dirty and used.

Another girl will listen to you shout that it wasn’t rape rape as she shoots up to make the pain and humiliation go away.

Another girl will use your anger at the girl who wasn’t raped raped as justification for cutting or attempting to kill herself.

Another girl will abuse other innocent children because she knows she can just flee the country or become a famous director.

And another girl will have sex with man after man after man because she heard you imply that only virgins can be rape raped.

Every single one of those girls will hurt themselves because of what you said, Ms Goldberg.

Every single one of them and untold others.

And in two years time, when Malia Obama runs across your video, Ms Goldberg, what words will you use to explain why a 44 year-old man drugging and repeatedly penetrating a child her age with his penis isn’t really rape rape?


2 Responses to “Rape – Polanski”

  1. mattie14 Says:

    Congratulations on surviving, Ja.

    I’m sorry for what happened to you. And for bringing up those memories. It was never your fault. Know that 100%. What he did was wrong and it will always be wrong. No matter what people who weren’t there think or believe. Be proud of yourself for not letting him win. You rock.

  2. ja Says:

    very well said – rape is rape,

    i am a former victim now in my 30’s. i never forget, it’s haunting.
    it happened at 13. if only i could turn the hands of time. your defense makes me feel better and i wish i would of read something like this when i was 13. please understand that to go into details is torture for me to hear what happened to thers as well. it causes me to re-live my exp. but to hear you write so boldly clear it is rape – nomatter what is empowering. spread this piece of yours.

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