Octuplet posts

April 17, 2009

Updated list of octuplet posts

Red TV interviews

(1-30) Octuplets: Ethics of fertility treatment?
(1-30) Octuplets: What is really going on?
(2-3) Octuplets: Publicist Joann Killeen on Larry King
(2-9) Octuplets: Should not go home with that woman
(2-9) Octuplets: Octuplets: already filthy house unfit for children (pix)
(2-13) Octuplets: Church Nadya named doesn’t know her
(2-16) Octuplets: Publicist Joann Killeen quits admits death threats
(2-18) Octuplets: New agent?
(2-23) Octuplets: Nadya vs grandmother caught on tape
(2-24) Octuplets: Cosmetic surgery, IVF, food stamps, disability, bankruptcy & foreclosure
(2-24) Octuplets: Nadya before/after plastic surgery & Angelina Jolie (pix)
(2-25) Octuplets: Grandfather on Oprah daughter “not mentally complete”
(2-25) Octuplets: Hospital questioning Nadya’s ability to care for children
(2-26) Octuplets: Video of inside the home
(2-26) Octuplets: Body language mother vs grandmother video (Part 1)
(2-26) Octuplets: Body language mother vs grandmother video (Part 2)
(2-27) Octuplets: Man claiming to be sperm donor
(2-27) Octuplets: Grandmother on The Early Show (Part 1)
(2-27) Octuplets: Grandmother on The Early Show (Part 2)
(2-27) Octuplets: Grandmother on The Early Show (Part 3)
(2-27) Octuplets: Grandmother’s first interview (Feb 9th)
(2-28) Octuplets: Dr Phil talks with new publicist Victor Munoz on Larry King
(2-29) Octuplets: What about the other children?
(3-3) Octuplets: Gloria Allred & *Angels in Waiting* (The Early Show video)
(3-3) Octuplets: Gloria Allred & *Angels in Waiting* offer (press conference)
(3-2) Octuplets: *Angels in Waiting’s* free 24/7 care for all 14 REFUSED
(3-2) Octuplets: What is it going to take?
(3-3) Octuplets: Sen Hudgens (R-GA) “Octomom Bill”
(3-4) Octuplets: Dear LA Department of Children and Family Services: re Nadya Suleman
(3-5) Octuplets: 911 call “I’m gonna kill myself!”
(3-6) Octuplets: Nadya, Gloria Allred, *Angels in Waiting* & Dr Phil
(3-6) Octuplets: Dr Phil on The View: “Her contact with reality is fleeting at best”
(3-9) Octuplets: Nadya accepts *Angels in Waiting’s* offer
(3-9) Octuplets: Agreement between Nadya, Gloria Allred, *Angels in Waiting* & Dr Phil
(3-9) Octuplets: Grandfather purchase $564,900 house
(3-9) Octuplets: Second publicist, Victor Munoz, quits: “This woman is nuts!”
(3-10) Octuplets: Updated list of posts
(3-11) Octuplets: Grandfather on GMA (3-9) UPDATED WITH VIDEO
(3-10) Octuplets: Nadya on Dr Phil (Part 1: *Angels in Waiting* controversy)
(3-10) Octuplets: Nadya on Dr Phil (Part 2: 911 call, rumors, parents, house)
(3-11) Octuplets: Nadya on Dr Phil (Part 3: Meets octuplets)
(3-11) Octuplets: Nadya on Dr Phil (Part 4: Jonah, male role mode for 10 boys?)
(3-11) Octuplets: Nadya on Dr Phil (Part 5: *Angels in Waiting* care)
(3-11) Octuplets: Nadya on Dr Phil (Part 6: Free stuff)
(3-11) Octuplets: Nadya on Dr Phil (Part 7: Foster care)
(3-16) Octuplets: Nadya spent $1K on makeup
(3-17) Octuplets: Noah & Isaiah released to Nadya
(3-24) Octuplets: Paranoid Nadya fires *Angels in Waiting*
(3-24) Octuplets: Nadya offered porn star nanny replacements
(3-24) Octuplets: 911 by Nadya’s nanny to remove Gloria Allred
(3-24) Octuplets: Video tour of new house
(3-24) Octuplets: 911 call night first two octuplets brought home
(3-24) Octuplets: Previous 911 calls
(3-24) Octuplets: Nadya: Why she fired *Angels in Waiting*
(3-25) Octuplets: Text of initial (2-17) Gloria Allred/Angels in Waiting press conference
(3-25) Octuplets: Allred: THREE complaints made to DCFS
(3-25) Octuplets: Nadya pix of the day
(3-25) Octuplets: A request
(3-25) Octuplets: Gloria Allred vs Jeff Czech The Early Show (Video)
(3-25) Octuplets: Why Nadya fired *Angels in Waiting* (Video)
(3-25) Octuplets: Gloria Allred on The Today Show (Video)
(3-25) Octuplets: Another shopping spree?
(3-26) Octuplets: Dr Phil Part 1: Nadya; *Angels in Waiting* firing
(3-26) Octuplets: Dr Phil Part 2: Jeff Czech: “Hogging the media”
(3-26) Octuplets: Dr Phil, Part 3: No more Nadya for him(3-26) Octuplets: Dr Phil, Part 4: Tuberculosis, nannies
(3-26) Octuplets: Dr Phil, Part 5: Allred vs Czech
(3-26) Octuplets: Dr Phil, Part 6: Foster care, legal sign off, thanks
(3-26) Octuplets: Gloria Allred speaks to radaronline (video)
(3-26) Octuplets: Gloria Allred & *Angels in Waiting* Press conference
(3-26) Octuplets: Nadya’s response to Allred/AIW press conference
(3-27) Octuplets: Jeff Czech on Allred
(3-27) Octuplets: #5 & 6 Makai and Jeremiah home
(3-27) Octuplets: Nadya’s first publicist speaks
(3-27) Octuplets: Linda West-Conforti & Gloria Allred on Early Show
(3-28) Octuplets: Nadya’s immoral enabler – Dr Michael Kamrava
(3-28) Octuplets: ASRM guidelines for embryo implantation
(3-28) Octuplets: Gloria Allred rebuts Nadya – Showbiz Tonight
(3-28) Octuplets: Child-rearing ability reason for MD to refuse?
(3-28) Octuplets: re: Ann Curry & Dr Phil interviews
(3-30) Octuplets: Publicist #2 to quit, Victor Munoz, speaks
(3-30) Octuplets: Gloria Allred statement (3-25)
(3-30) Octuplets: Morning after first two octuplets home (video)
(3-31) Octuplets: Nadya’s medical file breeched – 15 workers fired
(3-31) Octuplets: Video of first two octuplets arriving home
(4-1) Octuplets: 3 & 4 home, enraged grandmother, Nadya, older kids flee
(4-3) Octuplets: #7 Josiah home (4-1)
(4-3) Octuplets: Family vehicle vandalized (4-1)
(4-3) Octuplets: Frustrated neighbor removes, returns No Trespassing signs
(4-5) Octuplets: Radaronline interview with Gloria Allred
(4-8) Octuplets: Nadya: *Angels in Waiting* was a scam
(4-9) Octuplets: Allred responds to Nadya’s AIW comments
(4-12) Octuplets: Gloria Allred’s final comments re: Nadya & AIW
(4-12) Octuplets: Jeff Czech – Octorazzi Q & A (Part 1)
(4-14) Octuplets: #8 Jonah is home
(4-14) Octuplets: Jeff Czech talks reality show
(4-14) Octuplets: Jeff Czech – Octorazzi Q & A (Part 2)
(4-15) Octuplets: Nadya gets her TV deal
(4-15) Octuplets: Nadya to Dr Phil: no reality show (3-10)
(4-16) Octuplets: Octotrademark
(4-17) Octuplets: Nadya on *Octomom* trademark
(4-17) Octuplets: Nadya denies plastic surgery – video
(4-17) Octuplets: All 8 on her lap – video
(4-19) Octuplets: $4K in police overtime
(4-19) Octuplets: What is in a tantrum?
(4-20) Octuplets: “Documentary” still not a done deal
(4-20) Octuplets: Jeff Czeck on *Octomom* trademark
(4-21) Octuplets: “Octomom” sculpture 2
(4-23) Octuplets: Updated list of  posts

(4-25) Octuplets: Radio discussion of fertility treatment guidelines
(4-27) Octuplets: Nadya on GMA (4-24)
(4-27) Octuplets: Grandmother’s original AP interview
(4-27) Octuplets: Did Nadya get paid to be implanted?
(4-27) Octuplets: Nadya discusses her son’s autism
(4-29) Octuplets: Nadya visited by Social Services
(4-29) Octuplets: Nadya jokes about being a “biter”
(4-29) Octuplets: UPDATE: Social Service visit
(4-30) Octuplets: Nadya discusses Social Services visit
(5-2) Octuplets: Thanks, but no thanks- refuses clothing donations for older children
(5-3) Octuplets: Biter at work
(5-3) Octuplets: What is your definition of child abuse?
(5-4) Octuplets: Gloria Allred petitions Court for fiduciary octuplet Guardian
(5-4) Octuplets: Jeff Czech prior comments on child labor laws
(5-4) Octuplets: Gloria Allred press conference (text)
(5-4) Octuplets: Paul Petersen statement
(5-4) Octuplets: Nadya reacts to Allred’s re-emergence
(5-4) Octuplets: Nadya responds to Allred’s court petition
(5-4) Octuplets: Allred re: autistic boy’s safety
(5-7) Octuplets: 7 y/o has tantrum
(5-8) Octuplets: Nadya: “I am not on any government assistance”
(5-18) Octuplets: Kaiser Permanente Bellflower fines $250K
(5-31) Octuplets: Nadya officially signs TV deal
(6-16) Octuplets: Nadya’s false outrage (video)
(6-25) Octuplets: Allred statement re: child labor investigation
(6-27) Octuplets: Allred-Petersen court date changed to July 27th
(7-15) Octuplets: Nadya thinks house is haunted (video)
(8-5) “Octomom! The Musical (video)
(8-6) Life & Style: Angela Suleman (videos)

(8-8) Octuplets: Gloria Allred, Paul Petersen re: fiduciary guardian (video)

(11-26) Octuplets: Matt Lauer interviews Nadya for NBC People of the Year

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