Sherrod – NAACP

updated 8-26-10

Ms Sherrod: why she declined USDA offer, racism exists in other govt depts (video)

Ms Sherrod rejects USDA job offers, intends to sue Breitbart

Shirley Sherrod to meet with Secy Vilsack Tuesday


barry, Ms Sherrod, USDA, NAACP

NAACP, Tea Party, MSM

FOX reporting

Ms Sherrod

Initial Sherrod post (video/text)

Ms Sherrod: FOX, Tea Party “are obviously racists” (video/text)

Ms Sherrod considers defamation suit against Mr Breitbart (video/text)

Ms Sherrod: “Breitbart is a lie/liar” (video/text)

Sherrod: [Breitbart] “knew what effect that would have on the conservative racist people he’s dealing with” (text)

Started the office lottery for Ms Cook’s “resignation” yet?

Sherrod: Breitbart “would like to get us stuck back in the times of slavery” (video/text)

WH denies involvement in Sherrod firing, Sherrod says they were (video/text)

Breitbart didn’t fire Ms Sherrod – barry did

Sherrod video

Initial Sherrod post (video/text)

“Full” video transcript

Full length video: Sherrod thanks “the president of the NAACP, here

“FULL” Sherrod video is not complete


NAACP blames FOX, Brietbart and others for their own rush to judgment (statements 1, 2, 3)

FULL Shirley Sherrod Video“ (NAACP you tube channel)

NAACP’s complete #1 statement vs CNN’s selected excerpts

NAACP #1: “We concur with Secy Vilsack in accepting the resignation of Shirley Sherrod for her remarks at a local NAACP Freedom Fund banquet”

Secretary Vilsack

Secy Vilsack re: Ms Sherrod’s firing, denies WH involvement (video/text)

White House

TPM, WaPo, Politico: WH officials deny WH involvement in Sherrod resignation

Suzanne Malveaux: WH “did not pressure [Sherrod] or the USDA over the resignation”

WH contacted USDA – thinks case needs to reviewed

POTUS “expressed regret” for “this misfortune” in call to Ms Sherrod (readout)

HILARIOUS Gibbs re: POTUS call to Ms Sherrod (video/text)


CNN’s Tony Harris, Ms Sherrod, Mrs Spooner (video/text)

HILARIOUS Anderson Cooper’s rant about “TRUTH” (video)

CNN already pushing barry’s new agenda: cybercontrol (video)

CNN’s John Robert’s Quote of the Day

Open letter to CNN’s John Roberts

CNN using Ms Sherrod in an ad to promote 3 of their white male anchors

Mr & Mrs Spooner

Rick Sanchez, Ms Sherrod, Mr & Mrs Spooner (video/text)


“Crazy Larry” [O’Donnell] offers Ms Sherrod a job


HILARIOUS Chris Wallace vs Howard Dean (video)


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