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Susan Boyle posts

Grouped – not chronological until ‘Developments after the Show’ section at the bottom. Unlinked posts have gone missing.

Britain’s Got Talent Performances

AUDITION: I Dreamed a Dream (full video)
Top 40 announcement (video)
SEMIFINALS: Memory (video + transcribed judges’ comments)
SEMIFINALS: Memory performance (video, judges, results)
Pix from Memory performance
FINALS: I Dreamed a Dream

General (more below)

Got a brand new do!
Quitting Britain’s Got Talent?
Background article

Best of luck tonite!
Leave Ms Boyle alone

Handmade Susan Boyle dolls


BGT audition video #5 all-time You Tube
Featured in “The Sims 3” promo
Total YouTube hits

Fred O’Neil

Interview with Ms Boyle’s singing coach
Ms Boyle’s letter to Mr O’Neil

Shaheen Jafargoli

Shaheen Jafargholi
Who’s Loving You? (audition)
Who’s Lovin’ You? (Michael Jackson farewell)

Early TV appearances

Scottish TV – first interview (video/text)
Blackburn TV (video)

Judges apologize on The Early Show
Simon Cowell weighs in
Larry King: Susan Boyle & Piers Morgan (video/text)

Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber

Lord Lloyd Webber has role in mind

Elaine Paige

Re: Susan Boyle
To Ms Boyle: “I don’t know, perhaps we should record a duet!”

Rags on Ms Boyle

Paul Potts

“Susan Boyle should be allowed to change anything she wants”
Looking forward to duet
Paul Potts “Nessun Dorma” (Britain’s Got Talent)


Susan Boyle CD Playlist

I Dreamed a Dream ( BGT audition 2009)
Cry Me a River (First recording – charity CD, 1999)
I Don’t Know How to Love Him (My Kind of People, 1995)
The Way We Were (1984)
Killing Me Softly (1998)
I Don’t Know How To Love Him (Jesus Christ Superstar -1986)
Whistle Down the Wind (video)

The Power of Love (2001 live performance)

America’s Got Talent: Wild Horses
Wild Horses (CD)
You’ll See (CD)
I Dreamed a Dream (CD)
The Power of Love (Live, 2001)

(11-23) Today Show Live Performances
I Dreamed a Dream
Wild Horses
Cry Me a River

(11-27) Early Show Live Performance: I Dreamed a Dream


Early on
Daily Record
UK Telegragh
UK Times
BBC video
UK Mirror

After semifinals
Ms Boyle comments morning after semi-final win (video)
“I just want people to see me for who I am and do my best”
Re: BGT’s makeup “It’s a job that’s never finished” [nice pix]
“I’m not going to throw away my big chance now”

Oprah (more below)

Ms Boyle to be on Oprah
Oprah: “It’s like a dream come true” (video)
More Oprah: “I’ve got millions of new friends now” (video)

Piers Morgan

Ms Boyle kissed Piers Morgan smack on the lips!
The Early Show re: Ms Boyle
Good Morning America re: Ms Boyle

Post BGT Ms Boyle blog article
Commercial (video)
Pix of the day: Beefcake for Beef

Amanda Holden

Amanda Holden interview after BGT

Developments after Britain’s Got Talent

“Susan Boyle has always come second in life”
Ms Boyle admitted to mental health clinic
Britain’s Got Talent fed Ms Boyle to the wolves

The Today Show: Piers Morgan re Ms Boyle

Access Hollywood: Gerry Boyle (brother)
Larry King: Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden
Ms Boyle invited to White House to sing July 4th
The Early Show: Gerry Boyle (brother)

Reuters video: Piers Morgan
Radaronline: Gerry Boyle update on Susan

Ms Boyle checks out, heads home to private location
Ms Boyle invited to sing at Moore/Kuchar wedding anniversary?

Ms Boyle: “The ability to make people happy is in everybody’s blood”
Ms Boyle and a little retail therapy

BGT Tour

ITN recap of opening night (video)
BGT Tour opening nite (video)

Mini-glitch in Sheffield (video)
Glasgow (video)
Edinburgh (video)
Wembley (video)
Dublin (video)

Will sit Manchester out
Set to perform in Glasgow

After BGT Tour

Simon Cowell [finally] admits he mishandled Ms Boyle
ITV exec [finally] admits they mishandled Ms Boyle

Preview: Ms Boyle Today Show interview (video)
Ms Boyle preempts POTUS on NBC

Ms Boyle re: preempting POTUS
Today Show: Meredith Vieira & Ms Boyle

Ms Boyle in America

Susan Boyle on US soil 9-16
Susan Boyle mobbed at LA airport

America’s Got Talent: Susan Boyle “Wild Horses” (video)

Today Show interview before she performs (live video)
Today Show: “I Dreamed a Dream” (live)
Today Show: “Wild Horses” (live)
Today Show: “Cry Me a River” (live)

Early Show: Ms Boyle “I Dreamed a Dream” (live)

NBC’s People of the Year with Matt Lauer (video/text)

Back home and smiling again! (Pix)

CD audio video

Susan Boyle CD Playlist

I Dreamed a Dream
You’ll See
Silent Night
How Great Thou Art
The End of the World
Amazing Grace
Cry Me a River
Daydream Believer
Up to The Mountain
Who I Was Born To Be
Wild Horses

Wings to Fly (Japanese CD bonus track)

Susan Boyle “Wild Horses” recording (video audio)

X Factor finals “Wild Horses” (video)

Audra Mae: writer of Ms Boyle’s “Who I Was Born to Be”

Susan Boyle total record sales

1st week = 701K
2nd week = 527K
3rd week = 582K
4th week = 661K
5th week = 510K
6th week = 137K
7th week = 93K
8th Week =
9th week = 86K
10th week = 129K

Records set (more above)

Susan Boyle’s not-yet-released album #1
2009 Most YouTube views: #1 Susan Boyle (previous stats above)
MTV News’ #8 Woman of the Year: Susan Boyle

CD sales

Largest EVER sales debut for a female artist
Week 2 CD sales
Week 3 CD sales
Week 4 CD sales
Week 5 CD sales
Tops chart 6th straight week, runnerup US top-selling album
Week 7: drops to #2 on Billboard charts
Week 8 CD sales
Week 9 CD sales
Week 10 CD sales

Ms Boyle in Japan

Susan Boyle: “Wings to Fly” (Japanese CD bonus track)
Ms Boyle to appear on “Kohaku Uta Gassen” New Year’s Eve
Ms Boyle arrives in Japan (video)
Ms Boyle performs on Japan’s Kōhaku: I Dreamed a Dream (video)

General (more above)

“SuBo Tour” of Blackburn

Harper’s Bazaar photo shoot behind the scenes (video)
Harper’s Bazaar photo shoot (pix)

Ms Boyle: “It’s been an absolutely brilliant year”

Susan Boyle bullied (video)
Ms Boyle: “I would get the belt everyday”

Ms Boyle visits old school for its re-opening

50 Cent & Susan Boyle?

“Subostore” opens online

Simon Cowell (more above)

BBC Newsnight: Simon re Ms Boyle (video)

Simon Cowell to sell Syco (Ms Boyle’s) record label

Ms Boyle impersonators

Amanda Holden makes fun of Ms Boyle
Regis dresses up as Susan Boyle (video)
Lester Holt impersonates Susan Boyle (video)

Susan Boyle Story

PEOPLE Q & A: Ms Boyle

“Susan’s Story So Far” (video)

CBS Sunday Morning: Susan Boyle (video/text)

Second appearance on Oprah (see above)

Susan Boyle on Oprah this week??
Susan Boyle on Oprah today (Jan 19)
Ms Boyle interview with Oprah (text)
Oprah: Ms Boyle performs “Who I Was Born To Be” (videos)


Susan Boyle story: TV Guide Network’s #1 all-time special
Maybelle: Rundown of “The Susan Boyle Story” on the TV Guide channel
TV Guide’s “The Susan Boyle Story” (video)

Helping HAITI

Simon Cowell to produce charity single for Haiti relief
For Haiti: “Everybody Hurts”
Video: Helping Haiti “Everybody Hurts” Documentary
Pix: Helping Haiti “Everybody Hurts” Documentary

Ms Boyle intruder

Ms Boyle re: intruder “I’m staying right where I am”
Ms Boyle moving from Blackburn home
Susan Boyle intruder charged


Stiffed by the UK…again: The Brit Awards
Piers Morgan: BRIT nominees are “bunch of lip-syncing, useless no-hopers”
Fellow Scot: Ms Boyle not “good advert for British music “
Amy MacDonald clarifies? her comments re: Ms Boyle



Ms Boyle’s b-day check = £4 million

Ms Boyle buying new home with royalty check?


Ms Boyle cancels Australia trip

Ms Boyle re Lady Gaga: “I’d love to do a duet with her”

Video: “Susan’s World Pub” song tribute



Ms Boyle to sing for the Pope
Ms Boyle re upcoming Papal visit (video)

Videos of Ms Boyle performances

“I Dreamed a Dream”
“How Great Thou Art”
“Make Me a Channel of Your Peace

What Ms Boyle thought of meeting the Pope (photos)


“The Gift” Tracklist
“The Gift” tops charts in UK, US (first woman to do so)

NOV 2010 Today Show LIVE videos

Do You Hear What I Hear? (duet with Amber Stassi)
O Holy Night
Perfect Day

NBC 2010 Persons of the Year
Auld lang Syne

Tree Lighting Rockefeller Center

DEC 2010

Ms Boyle nominated for Grammy
Larry King: “O Holy Night” (video)


How lovely would be a duet between Ms Boyle and Andrea Bocelli?


How lovely would be a duet between Ms Boyle and Andrea Bocelli?
Andrea Bocelli: “Ave Maria” (Shubert version)
Josh Groban & Andrea Bocelli: “The Prayer” (Grammys)

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