H1N1 posts

September 23, 2009

Updated H1N1 posts/symptoms/vaccine

Much easier to link and keep track this way.


Patient Zero

POTUS exposed to swine flu? (Felipe Solis story links)
WH Mexican Embassy spokesman Ricardo Alday re: Felipe Solis
GIBBS: No warning before Mexico trip

Energy security detail contracted flu in Mexico
Flu Timeline: Secretary Chu Security detail
What happened to “Energy Secretary Chu’s lead security detail”?

Immediate aftermath

Smithifield CEO speaks re: H1N1 virus (video)
Did Gibbs’ apologize for Biden’s comments?
barrry quote of the day: “hit Mexico much more badly” (video)

H1N1 Virus

Common sense re: H1N1
Symptoms of H1N1 flu (CDC video)

H1N1 prevention: ditch the tie

US Government/CDC

Sebelius: H1N1 could kill 90,000 (video)
Secy Sebelius re sneeze: “We’ll have Elmo give Chuck a special briefing” (video)

Big Brother Barry’s H1N1 “plans” (video)
POTUS: 10% US H1N1 vaccine supply to go to WHO

barry declares H1N1 National Emergency
POTUS Proclamation: H1N1 National Emergency

H1N1: CDC press briefing (10-23)
CDC: H1N1- related pediatric mortality

H1N1: Why isn’t DC as affected as elsewhere? (map)

Gibbs H1N1 vaccine shortage: blame manufacturer not barry

Homeland defense force will be used in H1N1 “emergencies”

H1N1: 300 doses of vaccine reach Gitmo

CDC: H1N1 morbidity & mortality (11-14)

CDC: second H1N1 peak over (12-3)

H1N1 could be mildest pandemic ever (12-8)

CDC: 1 in 6 Americans have had H1N1 (12-11)

First Family

What’s the First Family’s vaccination status?
Obama girls did receive H1N1 vaccine

H1N1 Vaccine

CDC: H1N1 vaccine priority

FDA approves H1N1 vaccine
Adults: single low dose H1N1 vaccine enough
Pediatric flu vaccine: seasonal, H1N1

Secy Sebelius re: H1N1 vaccination (video)
Dr Snyderman re: Pneumovax (third suggested vaccine)
Dr Snyderman: H1N1 vaccine: 10-12M less doses this month

Is H1N1 vaccine more dangerous that the flu? (video)

Seasonal vs H1N1 vaccine

All Santa wants for Christmas: H1N1 vaccine (video)

Army: Mass inoculation of recruits at Ft Jackson (12-13)

H1N1: Recall of children’s vaccine (not potent enough)

H1N1: 95M doses of vaccine available (12-18)

Chicagoans: Free H1N1 shots at 7 locations, Sat 19th

Mandatory vaccination

Loyola University Healthcare = mandated flu shots

Nurses sue re: mandatory flu vaccine

NY public health workers won’t be forced to have vaccines

IL insurers to pay administration costs for H1N1 vaccinations



WHO recommendations for Southern Hemisphere winter

UK’s approach to H1N1 (video)

H1N1: Japanese kids learn to wash hands (video)
H1N1: Forget Kleenex, buy a Japanese suit

French manufacturer can produce 10 million H1N1 vaccines/week (video)

Worker gets fired for giving Calgary Flames H1N1 vaccine

Alberta: Oaths not doctor’s notes to prove H1N1 sick days

A “patient’s” story

CNN’s Dr Sanjay Gupta contracts H1N1 in Afghanistan

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