This blog started out as the title reads: against pro-obama media bias. That was unquivocally proven on March 3, 2008. Numerous polls show Americans believe it and by now the MSM has admitted it themselves.

We started our original blog (by the same name) over on Blogger at the time of the conventions in August 2008. Google never crawled us and we were restricted by a bot not of our doing so we came over here sometime in December 2008. The archives go back as far as they do because that’s when the whatever took place.

As you can see, our blog is no longer strictly about pro-obama media bias. Since I am the only one here, I write about whatever strikes me that particular day. Loyal readers include apolitical folks and requests for certain topics are always honored, in fact it makes my job easier.

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I refer to barry as barry because that is what he was officially as far as grade/HS records show. As soon as he shows proof of his legal name on his “original vital records” I will use that name. The lower case does not signal disrespect – my CAPS lock key sticks – and his name is typed too often to deal with it.

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Endless gratitude to every single one of you who have fought/are fighting to safeguard our Freedoms. I am sorry your courage and selflessness is not more rewarded.

Women warriors, what is happening to you and your sisters in arms is wrong in more ways than can be articulated. Rape is horrific in any situation or form, but to be raped while serving our country by your fellow Americans in those God-forsaken lands of hate and then not have anyone say or do anything about it or even provide you with appropriate care and therapy is unconscionable.

I apologize to you as a woman and an American.

Please know that you matter. Every single one of you.  And that your voices are always welcome here.



July 24, 2009


Folks seem to think this is some rightwing nutjobs birther website and have been writing some, dare I say wacko? comments, most of which are not publishable.

The profanity is not a problem, the rants on unrelated issues are not a problem, the personal attacks on our words are not a problem, and although not pleasant to read and oftentimes simply unbelievable to fathom, the personal attacks on us as human beings are a cyber reality.

But the misunderstanding and lack of understanding of what this site is about is a problem.

Folks who do not agree with the folks questioning why barry hasn’t just released his birth certificate and why he has been fighting in court for nearly a year to prevent its release, are doing themselves a disservice by not understanding the difference.

So just to be clear:

Citizens Against Pro-Obama Media Bias is not affiliated with, nor endorsed by, any candidate, political party or organization and is not associated with any movement, cause or website.

We established this website to document and prove the pro-Obama media bias, which has been done many times over–even to where the media has admitted it themselves.

Doubters: Ask yourself if Secretary Clinton or Governor Palin would have been allowed to be president/VP without their birth, medical and/or school records made public. The answer is an obvious and resounding no. More information was dug up about Gov Palin in the weekend following the GOP Convention than is still known about barry. Even Joe the Plumber was vetted more thoroughly.

Our original site was on Blogger (still is) and we started around the Conventions. It was not being crawled by Google and Technorati stopped pinging it completely despite multiple requests to look into the matter – never once receiving an email response (which is their right) so we came over here in mid-December.

Here we’ve had our URL’s hijacked by bogus sites, had a series of “Orly Taitz” posts deleted and have periodic problems with posts going missing.

The birth certificate issue has emerged as the most fundamental example of the MSM’s lack of vetting of barry, which is why we have been following it. Not because we are sore losers (I have never voted) or racists or homophobes or think he was born in Kenya or is a Muslim (why should it matter if he were?) or believe that he is Constitutionally ineligible to be President.

What matters is the MSM has been completely corrupted and have intentionally allowed him to go unvetted.

Any sane reasoning person knows he is hiding something by not releasing his records — but that DOES NOT MEAN HE IS INELIGIBLE TO BE PRESIDENT.

At this point, I don’t even care what is on it. What are the chances “the first black president” who happens to be descended from Muslims and is now happily using his middle name, is about to be removed from office? It’s a matter of national and global security. It’s why he went to the Arab world early and often.

What does matter is that the MSM is holding him to a different standard than they have any other president. He is the only president whose actual physical location of birth is unknown – as in hospital – if in fact he was born in one. But the MSM is absolutely certain he was born in Hawaii and can rant and rave and destroy the reputations of folks who just want barry to be vetted like every other president – but become curiously silent when asked which hospital barry was born in in Hawaii. And it seems the “factcheckers”: snopes, UPI and barrypedia have had a sudden enlightenment as to the hospital requiring a change in their “facts”.

And the Fight The Smears website set up solely to deal with the birth certificate issue? Gone. “Wasn’t needed anymore.”

Well, clearly it is because Robert Gibbs – the man who speaks for the President of the United States – doesn’t know where he was born – except for sure it was in Hawaii.

In the July 13th, 2009 press briefing, Robert Gibbs responded to the question:Would you tell us which Hawaiian hospital he was born in?” with I don’t know the name of the exact hospital.” And then went on to talk about (in reference to barry’s Hawaii birth) “the pursuit of Noble Truth” and the “knowing clarity that comes with that certainty”.

And the media wonders why folks are so angry?

But, by far, the worst thing the MSM did was intentionally embargo facts that could potentially have hurt barry’s chances of being elected. That was not only wrong – it was criminal.

The New York Times admitted to it when they wrote about the ACORN story they had refused to print in October 2008. Then they tried to justify it by saying it wouldn’t have mattered.

Then why did they do it?

The mere fact they did it proves their absolute corruption.

And that is only one example from one media outlet.

And it continues.

Ask yourself why the MSM is going after the “birther nutjobs” instead of simply asking–demanding if need be (as in doing their job)–that the White House release a copy of the original birth certificate?

Instead, the AP, Reuters, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, NY and LA Times prefer to stake their reputation (relative word) on newspaper notices from 48 years ago?

How reliable was the NY Times “letter from the Mayor of Paris” re: Caroline Kennedy from just seven months ago when a simple text message would have verified the hoax?

What would MSM be doing if it were Secretary Clinton or Governor Palin?

What isn’t known about Secretary Clinton?

And how many “confidential” hospital records were obtained in reference to the absolutely insane allegation (made by folks who can’t count to nine) that Gov Palin did not give birth to Trig? How many folks in the media and elsewhere are still looking into his birth certificate?

And folks wonder why the right side is angry?

Anyway. Apologies if you made it this far – it wasn’t meant to turn into a rant. The media is our focus – and one can only take so much, which is why we follow other things.

One Response to “About”

  1. mattie14 Says:

    Hello Mr Elgin.

    Yes, I am aware of Mr Hemenway and find what Judge Robertson did to him disgusting to put it mildly. And his siccing the US Marshals on a citizen exercising his first amendment rights defending Mr Hemenway bordered on madness.

    We are wary of such requests since we are a completely independent site.

    I thought the case was a no go and Mr Hemenway was just appealing his reprimand?

    Is Phil Berg still on the case?

    Perhaps there is a way around standing – but what about the other requirements as far as a true redressable injury when Col Hollister’s is only hypothetical?

    And, as in Major Cook’s case, the Air Force could just relieve Col Hollister of any future service – emergency or not – and the case would be made moot – right?

    No matter – I’m no lawyer and Mr Hemenway is more than capable…besides writing the most interesting letters. I know he posted his letter to Mr Murdock (who I believe is involved in the media embargo on barry’s birth certificate issue) on a website – Family something I think. Can he not provide a link there?

    Did he ever hear back from Mr Gibbs?

    What about uploading the documents to scribd and we can get them from there?

    Or provide the docket number – is it the same as before?

    Doesn’t Mr Hemenway have his own website?

    Again, because we independent, we cannot get involved personally – as in personal emails and such – but we would be more than happy to post any and all documents/updates concerning Holllister v Soetoro, Mr Hemenway’s letters or whatever on our site.

    We have covered Col Hollister’s case from the beginning and already have the background and previous dockets and proceedings listed here.

    I hope you come back to check on your message.

    Feel free to leave links for us to follow.

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