what about barry?

February 10, 2009

Yes, I have gotten off the beaten path. I needed a break from the utter madness that is the obamahoax so I could read, write and watch something 100% true and good. It’s a relief from the bot attacks. Makes you wonder why they’re still at it considering barry is the president and the Supreme Court knows and doesn’t care. Watergate is going to seem like a kid stealing a gumball. The serial botters are for sure official barrybotters as they have all the same “rebuttal” arguments replete with phone numbers to Hawaii and the Supreme Court!

I don’t know how many times we have to tell them that our beef is with the media. barry is a fraud and it has been proven over and over on this site and many others. It is fact. It cannot be changed. The media is biased towards barry. It’s been proven over and over with polls and examples and the media itself has admitted to it. It is fact. It cannot be changed.

Now it’s just a matter of continuing to document, but what’s the point? He is a national and international security risk. They counted on it and it worked.

The birth certificate issues are dead. But the weird and wacky facts about his mother are coming to light and so are his “clean” Illinois politics. It cracks me up that came out of barama matthews’ mouth. Yo, Chris, give us a shout out. That reminds me I have to get the polls together. Rezko is being reinvestigatged in earnest now that barry is “safe” and blago is handing out subpoenas. Anyone hear barry’s top aides have been subpoenaed? Can’t imagine a judge allowing barry to be subpoenaed when he has the Supremes in his corner. It will all come out and a see I told you so will mean nothing compared to the rage of the nonobamerized masses.

Anyway. Yes we will be getting back to barry and the media – it’s not like they’re about to change. chuckie T is in a state of ecstasy lately. His biased reporting didn’t have an ulterior motive Mr Chief White House correspondent? And Mika is ready to take over for Morning Hangover Joe.

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