WH finally releases barry’s long form birth certificate

April 27, 2011

Birth certificate posts

Every time I come in here my browser is hijacked but today is the point of no return as far as barry’s eligibility. The WH finally released his alleged long form birth certificate – 4 years after it was first requested. And yet it required an urgent round trip to Hawaii by Bob Bauer, WH (DNC, Democrats, barry, Perkins Coie) counsel, which the press is trying to say was necessary. Not. barry could have authorized any random person, including Donald Trump, to get a copy.

Are taxpayers paying for Bauer’s trip? How many times has barry/Bauer been in Hawaii since April 2007? And what did Gov Abercrombie – the only person to vouch for baby barry – have to do with it?

How many folks do you reckon will put together the release of the birth certificate and Pentagon changes?

barry’s bemused at the “silliness” of it all – the media’s mocking Donald Trump – but no one’s asking why it took 4 years for the sillinesss to get to barry or why the press waited 4 years to be handed the birth certificate.

Nothing is funny about this. Think of all the lawsuits, all the money barry spent, all the people he trashed or allowed to be trashed when he could have done this 4 years ago. Think about Orly Taitz’s $20K fine, Captain Rhodes having to pay court costs, Major Cook losing his job, and worst of all, what they’ve done to LTC Lakin. All of these folks will be back in the courts – hopefully Judge Robertson’s –  and that fraudulent COLB, which they tried to pass off as “proof” of birthplace, will finally be scrutinized.

It’s over.

barry remarks, long form pix to follow.

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