Birth certificate

NOTE: This is one of the very few sites that has comprehensively followed the birth certificate/eligibility issue since the very beginning. Considerable time and effort was spent compiling these (621) posts – all original to this site. Posts may be used – as long as it is not a copy/paste of the entire post and proper attribution is given. Thank you. Thanks also to the folks who have repeatedly brought this to our attention.

UPDATED 4-27-11

birth certificate posts
Scorecard of birth certificate lawsuits


Actual FACTS re: barry’s birth certificate = directly related to barry = completely worthless

Fight the Smears = completely worthless
Public Policy Poll: birthers vs truthers = completely worthless

Most recent – (then filed below)

WH finally releases barry’s long form birth certificate

“Birther” objects during House reading of the Constitution

Ed Henry – Gov Abercrombie (video/text)

Chris Matthews – Gov Abercrombie (video/text)

Abercrombie’s words don’t add up

Gov Abercrombie wants to release “more explicit documentation” of barry’s Kapiolani birth

Jay Leno re: barry birth certificate

Is Assange’s “insurance” barry’s birth certificate?

Anderson Cooper vs Rep Berman (video/text)

TX Rep Leo Berman introduces barry soetoro birth certificate bill

Cartoon: Birth announcement or birth certificate?

SNL: “Harry Reid” brings up barry’s birth certificate

POTUS has paid Perkins Coie over $2.73M since BC lawsuits began

Gibbs: “I’ve seen the real birth certificate” (video/text)

Jacqi re: OCON forms

Even if you liked Ike – he had to produce his birth certificate to run for POTUS

Why did Harry Reid invite Orly Taitz to a Dem event featuring POTUS?

barry laughs about birth certificate – can’t “plaster it on his forehead” (video)

2008 HI election official: “There is no birth certificate” (video)
Muslim soldier refusing to deploy to Afghanistan (video)

Did barry have an Indonesian “half-sister”?

Google is definitely censoring “barry soetoro” search
What’s up with all the “barry soetoro” searching?

Happy Bday to POTUS while wife has private vacation in Spain on US taxpayers’ dime

WH shows blurred view of barry’s passport

Ann Dunham’s passport records released


New style birth certificate billboard (pix)
Cartoon: Is this birther cartoon racist?
Must see when visiting Africa…(pix)
Only 64% Democrats think barry was “definitely” born in the US
Gulf signage: “Where’s the Birth Certificate?”
Cartoon: What’s Rand Paul wearing?

LTC Lakin

LTC Lakin: APF press release re hearing
LTC Lakin: Army schedules hearing (letter)
LTC Lakin: waives hearing, case proceeds to general court martial
LTC Lakin requests Dr Fukino deposition, release of HI birth records
LTC Lakin motion denied – would be an “embarrassment” for barry
Rachel Maddow “gleefully, blissfully ignoring” “wing-nut army birther doctor guy” (video/text)
LTC Lakin hearing today: judge to rule on release of barry’s birth/school records

On Anderson Cooper
Cooper, Martin, Erickson re: LTC Lakin (text)
Toobin: Lakin is “a bigot, a racist, a freak, a lunatic” (text)
AC 360: LTC Lakin, lawyer Paul Jensen (video/text)

LTC Lakin to appear on Liddy radio show (4-20)
LTC Lakin, formally charged
LTC Lakin’s letter to POTUS
LTC Lakin appeal to POTUS (video


“Birther” issue not just question of birthplace
The only remaining mystery re: barry’s birth certificate
barry: birth announcement vs birth certificate

Anyone found the 1981 UPI “birth certificate”  article on barry?
2004: Barney Frank makes a case for barry’s NBC status (video)
2004 “Kenyan-born” article history (video)

2004 Star Bulletin: barry refuses to talk about HS years

barry “loves the controversy” about his birth certificate
barry: “You should want a leader who can tell the truth…” (video)
barry: “I will never lie to you!”
barry believes in the Constitution, too (video)

Letter from barrymedia to barry
How to ward off bot attacks

Mr President, is your birth certificate in here somewhere?
barry jokes about his citizenship at Prayer Breakfast
barry’s mother left barry first?
Did barry admit he has no documentation to prove who his father was?

Official Certification of Nomination

Two different Official Certification of Nomination
HI Official Certification of Nomination not a forgery
Why did Hawaii need the extra clause?

2008 Official Certification of Nomination
2008 Hawaii Official Certification of Nomination
2008 Commission on Presidential Debates requirements
2004 Kerry Official Certification of Nomination
2000 Gore Official Certification of Nomination

Comparison of HI & non-HI OCON forms for Gore, Kerry, barry


New Hampshire Bill re: presidential candidate eligibility
Sen Vitter’s alleged birtherism (video)
Yale commencement: Pres Clinton ridicules BC/eligibility issue (video)
Leahy finds barry’s missing birth certificate hilarious (video)
Rep Scott Garrett confronted re: barry’s birth certificate (video)
Former CIA agent passes on barry’s BC/eligibility issue
What did Justice Thomas say? (video)
Rick Sanchez calls barry “the cotton-pickin’ president”
Tom DeLay has “no idea” if barry isn’t a citizen
Jay Leno joke re: barry’s birth certificate
George Lopez: “If the president doesn’t have to prove where he was born, why should we?” (video)

Hawaii Vexatious birther bill

HI Sen/H recommend passing vexatious birther bill (4-20)
HI: Vexatious birther bill passes in House
Vexatious birther bill deferred; HI sovereignty bill passed
Hawaii considering “vexatious requester” birther bill
HI: Vexatious birther bill passed House/Senate
HI Vexatious birther bill signed by Gov Lingle
Gov Lingle: “the president was, in fact, born at Kapi’olani Hospital

AZ Birther Bill

AZ birther bill: Dana Perino, Christine Pelosi
AZ birther bill: Rep Posey
Az birther bill: Anderson Cooper’s version of “facts” (video/text)
Az birther bill: Cooper – Rep Cecil Ash (video/text)
Az birther Bill: Roland Martin “They’re stupid!” (video/text)
Matthews: “AZ Assembly has joined the birtherwagon and are behaving just as zanily as the birthers! (video)

barryfan comment re: Az birther bill

AZ birther bill: Politico Poll (53% in favor)
AZ birther bill: FOX Phoenix #1 most read story

AZ birther bill critics: Rep Sinema, SoS Bennett
AZ birther bill passes second hurdle (4-19)
AZ birther bill passes first hurdle
AZ proposes their own barry soetoro birth certificate bill

Tom Tancredo

Ed Schultz – Tom Tancredo re: sending barry back to Kenya (video/text)
Gibbs refuses to respond to Tancredo’s “lunacy” (video)

PsychoTalk Ed: We’ve established barry was born in USA (video)

Mayor Schweighart

Mayor Schweighart: “I don’t think he’s American” (video)
Mayor Schweighart clarifies statements
Champaign board member: Schweighart should resign

JD Hayworth – John McCain

Is Hayworth a “birther” or not?
Hayworth: BC = identity theft issue
Hardball to Hayworth: Are you a birther?
McCain ad links Hayworth with Taitz & Berg
McCain: JD Hayworth, birther, man-horse marriage (video)

Tea Party

“Crash the Tea Party” bigots
Orly Taitz banned from Tea Party rally
WND’s Joseph Farah’s Tea Party speech
Palin re: barry’s birth certificate: “I think it’s a fair question” (video)

Barnicle flips: Teapartiers “are NOT all birthers”
MSNBC equates teapartiers with birthers
Barnicle admits MSM discounted Tea Party

Rep Nathan Deal

Rep Deal’s opponent thinks BC issue: “childish”
Rep Deal goes on video record re: letter to barry about BC
Rep Deal DID write letter to barry re: birth certificate
Rep Deal to ask barry to release his birth certificate

Michelle Obama

Big Bird: Where’s hubby’s birth certificate, Michelle? (video)

Beck re: FLOTUS’ Kenya comment (video)
FLOTUS: barry’s home country = Kenya (video)
FLOTUS: barry’s mom was “very young and very single when she had him”


What led Kos to post that fake COLB
KOSSACKS endorsed barry back in 2004

Anti-birthers #4 (more below)

Lis Wiehl (instigator of O’Reilly protest) worked for Perkins Coie
Arianna Huffington: “Jon Klein fired Lou Dobbs from CNN” (video)
Olbermann/Huffington: Glenn Beck, “fearmonger-in-chief” (video)
Greetings from a Canadian anti-birther
CNN’s Brian Todd gets the “birther” issue wrong again (video/text)
NY Times’ Sheryl Stolberg: “Obama aides posted his birth certificate”
MSNBC’s Chris Hayes: “birther movement” started with Taitz, 9-11 mosque “Islamic b-ball court/cooking school”

Washington Independent Untruths: #2 Birtherism

Perkins Coie payments

Q4 2008 – Q1 2009 = $1,066,691.94
Q4 2008 – Q2 2009 = $1,337,446.12
Q4 2008 – Q3 2009 = $1,651,464.18
Q4 2008 – Q4 2009 = $1,932,067.47
Q4 2008 – Q1 2010 = $2,193,274.16
Q4 2008 – Q2 2010 = $2,346,252.74
Q4 2008 – Q3 2010 = $2,499,231,32

Q4 2008 — Q4 2010 = $2,733,516.14


Hawaii: proposed changes to honor barry
Hawaii: Not re-naming park after barry
HI wants barry’s presidential library in HI


Jakarta: bronze statue of 10 y/o barry
Jakarta: Removed barry statue to relocate

General #2 (more below)

birthers were born because barry refused to provide proof of his own
Birthers, by definition, cannot be called conspiracists
Make the judge go on record re: barry’s eligibility
Standing: why none of the BC cases go to discovery
Kyle: update on barry’s birth certificate cases
Nikki: your answers re: birth certificate

Name that hospital

So…which Hawaiian hospital was barry born in?
Why no barry birthday bash at Kapiolani?
Rep Neil Abercrombie reads Kapiolani letter (video)

Wiki versions: Queens, Queens, Kapiolani


Nov 2008 Kapiolani re: barry’s birth “we can’t confirm or deny it”
2008: Honolulu Advertiser
History Channel: Honolulu Honolulu


2004 Star Bulletin
Kapiolani Wikipedia
WSJ Nov 2008
Politico Dec 2008
Honolulu Advertiser Dec 2008
barry’s google wiki search
Obama’s Oahu Map: Kapiolani
Daily Inquirer: Kapiolani
KHNL-8 TV: Kapiolani
John King

barry’s Official Organize For America blog
Wikia Lifestyle
David Shuster

Documents #2 (more below)

HR 593: barry was born in Hawaii
Dr Fukino Statement #1
Dr Fukino statement #2
Dr Fukino statements #1 & #2
Discussion Dr Fukino statement #2
Discussion of resolution
Actual August 1961 Certificate of Live Birth (birth certificate)
Scribd copy obama v obama 1964 divorce
New COLB discovered!
Nordyke birth certificates
Hospital birth notices
Susan Daniels’ investigation re: barry SSN(s)
barry’s law license disciplinary report form
Illinois Dept Vital Records moving

Military Oath

US Coast Guard
US Navy Oath of Office
Enlisted vs Commissioned Military Oath of Office
Take #1 barry’s Oath of Office
TAKE #2 barry’s Oath of Office

POTUS commissioned ROTC Cadets

Relevant documents #1

Senate Resolution: McCain “natural born” (not legal)
Official Certification of Nomination (Nanci Pelosi fraud)
How little is known about barry (list)
Obama v obama divorce record
Soetoro v Soetoro divorce record
Kindergarten pix
First grade pix
First grade school registration (copy) Registered religion: Islam
Illinois attorney registration (copy)
Marriage license (copy)
Driver’s license registration (copy)
Selective Service registration (copy)

COLB vs long form birth certificate

Update 11: barry birth certificate
barry’s birth certificate re-visited
COLB vs long form birth certificate
What Dr Fukino’s statement didn’t say
Why can’t the known COLB be subpoenaed?
Dr Ron Polarik’s forgery report (video)
Polarik’s final report
Make your own COLB…or barry’s (video)
barry’s Certification of Live Birth (COLB)
barry has free access to his long form birth certificate
So…which Hawaiian hospital was barry born in?
Logic 101: COLB vs long form birth certificate (COLB copies included)
Ben LaBolt: “I can confirm that is Sen Obama’s birth certificate”
HI issues brand new (not amended) BC with sex change


Jason Hommel: $100K reward for barry’s birth certificate
Why doesn’t barry claim the $25M reward for his birth certificate?
Gregg Jackson: $50K to media for barry’s birth certificate
WND: $10K to person present, hospital of barry’s birth

Bill Keller’s Birtherfomercial: “Where was President Obama born?” (video)
Ed Schultz’s Psychotalk: Birtherfomercial (VIDEO)

Anti-birthers #3 (more below)

“Crazy people using patriotism to mask deep rooted racism” (tweet)
Harry Reid goes on official record re: birthers
Andrew Sullivan: “there is no reason on earth that the original cannot be retrieved and shown”
Andrew Sullivan caves
Michael Steele re: birthers
Olbermann: “Joseph Farah, White Supremacist crowd” (video)
Eugene Robinson on “The Berserk Birthers” (video)
Joe Conason equates birthers to the Oklahoma City Bombing
Dr Jerrod Post: “Paranoia is the most political of mental illnesses”
Liz Halloran: barry posted his “Birth CERTIFICATE”
David Folkenflik re: Dobbs: “Check the facts”
“Army of angry frenzied birthers who would like to see the President dead”
HEIDI BEIRICH: “spread by right-wing nuts who are bizarre human beings”

Anti-birthers #2 (more below)

(7-2) James: answers, birth certificate, ebay
(7-12) Another anti-birther attack
(7-14) Re: rant of birther hater
(7-22) We are not “birthers”
(7-22) Birther hater comment to enjoy
(7-26) MSM’s outrage = birther recruitment
(7-28) Anti-birther: CBS’ Brian Montopoli

Robert Gibbs

(5-30) Robert Gibbs lies about barry’s “birth certificate” (video)
(6-4) Mr Hemenway letter to Robert Gibbs
(7-13) Gibbs, official WH record: “I know” [that COLB is not birth certificate] (video)
(7-20) Gibbs laughs about birth certificate
(7-27) Gibbs lies about birth certificate – nobody challenges – incomplete WH transcript (video)
Gibbs unwittingly makes a case for releasing the birth certificate


$10K to person present, hospital of barry’s birth
barry postcards
Billboard: “Where’s the birth certificate?”
Happy Birthday, Mr President (video)
WND is as corrupted as the MSM
What WND asks Gibbs (not birth certificate)

Rep Posey barry birther bill [HR 1530]

Rep Bill Posey’s (R-FL) Birth certificate bill (text)
Rep Posey’s Birth Certificate Bill to stop future barrys
Rep Posey being bot attacked for introducing barry soetoro birth certificate bill
Rep Posey’s plea for contributions
Rep Posey birth certificate bill: 9 sponsors
Rep Posey bill 10th cosponsor: Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-TX)
Rep Posey: Full steam ahead on barry’s birth certificate bill
FL Dems “crazy bill questioning President Obama’s citizenship”

Rep Franks #11 cosponsor Rep Posey’s birth certificate bill
Rep Franks’ official statement re: alleged lawsuit
What Rep Franks actually said re: alleged lawsuit

Sen Inofe/Rep Castle/Rep Schmidt

Rep Castle (R-DE): “He is a citizen of the United States” (Lady in Red video)
Sen Inofe attacked re: birthers
Sen Inofe: “I hope this country can hang on another 16 months”
Rep Schmidt labeled a birther (vide0)

Judge James Robertson & James D Hemenway

Hollister v Soetoro docket
Judge Robertson’s rant re: Hollister v Soetoro
Judge Robertson: barry’s birth certificate was “was raised, vetted, blogged, texted, twittered…”
Judge Robertson reprimands John Hemenway re: Hollister v Soetoro
Judge Robertson sends US Marshals to letter-writer’s home
Hemenway letter to Rupert Murdoch re: barry’s birth certificate
Hemenway letter to Robert Gibbs\

Jacqi – re: John Hemenway

Anti-birthers #1 (more above)

Missing Orly Taitz posts
Dear birther haters:
Ben Smith: just another “birther” illiterate
A proposition for Ben Smith & Politico re: birthers
Ignorance re: barry’s birth certificate
Jake Tapper: no birth certificate questions
Anti-birther of the day: Ben Smith
Politically neutral

Lou Dobbs #2 (more below)

Lou Dobbs is leaving CNN
Lou Dobbs announces he’s leaving CNN (text/video)
O’Reilly: Lou Dobbs re: leaving CNN (video/text)
NY Post: Dobbs exit due to birth certificate
CNN paid $8M to get rid of Dobbs?
Olbermann: Lou should go to Telemundo
Politico’s Arena: Olbermann re: Dobbs leaving CNN

Judge Carter (more below)

Barnett/Keyes: Motion for reconsideration
Barnett/Keyes: Opposition to Motion for Reconsideration
Barnett/Keyes: Taitz’s Velamoor declaration
Barnett/Keyes: Taitz’s Declaration
Judge Carter clerk, Siddharth Velamoor

Taitz sanction Judge Land (more below)

Taitz’s appeal re: Judge Land’s $20K sanction
Final judgment order: Taitz must pay $20K
Taitz sanction must be paid to US Treasury
Taitz isn’t planning on paying $20K sanction
Taitz (sanction) “the only violation I see is an abuse of power by the judge”

Orly Taitz #4 (more below)

Washington Post features Orly Taitz
Taitz’s site attacked for the 5th time

Young Turks re: Orly sanction (video)
Joy Behar vs Orly Taitz (video)

Barnett/Keyes (Judge Carter)

Defense motion to dismiss (9-4)
Taitz’s Keyes v Obama hearing
Rundown of Taitz hearing
Orly Taitz post-court interview (Pt 1 video)
Orly Taitz post-court interview (Pt 2)
Orly Taitz post-court interview (Pt 3)
Orly Taitz post-court interview (Pt 4)
Scribd: citizen court proceeding summary

Did Judge Carter grant discovery – was a rumor
Judge Carter grants defense Limited Stay of Discovery
Judge Carter denies request for second amended complaint
Will barry’s case go past October 5th??
Judge Carter Minutes (9-28)
Judge Carter allows Taitz to file surreply
Barnett/Keyes v Obama potential court timeline

Judge Carter: Minutes (Oct 5)
Barnett v Obama hearing: citizen report (Oct 5)
Videos: Taitz post-hearing interviews (Oct 5)
Barnett/Keyes v Obama official court transcript (10-5)
Judge Carter: NO ruling (Oct 6)
Barnett v Obama hearing: Orly Taitz (Oct 7)
Judge Carter: NO ruling (Oct 7)
Ex-parte Motion for Relief of Stay of Discovery (Oct 8)
Motion for Relief of Stay of Discovery: DENIED (Oct 8)
Status of Taitz’s case with Judge Carter (Oct 10)
Judge Carter clerk, Siddharth Velamoor
DOJ notifies Judge Carter re: Kerchner ruling
Barnett/Keyes v Obama: DISMISSED

Rhodes v MacDonald – Judge Land

Rhodes v MacDonald delayed until Monday (video)
Rhodes v MacDonald defense motion to dismiss
Rhodes v MacDonald ruling due Wed noon
Capt Rhodes statement re: missed court appearance
Capt Rhodes affidavit re: missed hearing [Scribd]
Rhodes v MacDonald: Minutes (9-14)
Rhodes v MacDonald: Judge Land’s ruling (9-16)
Rhodes v MacDonald Dismissed [Scribd]
Taitz: Judge Land “should be tried for treason with Obama“

Rhodes v MacDonald: Emergency Request for Stay of Deployment
Rhodes v MacDonald: Filing errors
Rhodes v MacDonald: Stay denied, possible $10K Taitz sanction
Capt Rhodes letter to Judge Land: Taitz acted without her permission

Taitz’s motion to withdraw as Capt Rhodes’ counsel
Taitz’s Motion to Withdraw granted
Rhodes: Taitz requests Judge Land recuse himself
Rhodes: Taitz requests extension to respond to sanction
Taitz affidavit: Holder was in GA for Cook case = NO WAY
Taitz sanctioned $20K by Judge Land
Taitz: sanction “is a sign of a dictatorial regime, of tyranny”
Taitz’s appeal re: Judge Land’s $20K sanction

eBay Kenyan birth certificate – Lucas Smith

Copy of eBay Kenyan Birth Certificate
eBay (Lucas Smith) Kenyan Birth Certificate (video)
Enhanced eBay birth certificate video
Lucas Smith vs WND (Pt 1 video)
Lucas Smith vs WND (Pt 2 & 3)
Lucas Smith vs WND (Pt 4)
Lucas Smith vs WND (Pt 5)
Affidavit Lucas Smith (eBay Kenyan Birth Certificate)
Inconsistency eBay Kenyan Birth Certificate

Lou Dobbs #1

(7-17) Lou Dobbs radio show show (video)
(7-20) Lou Dobbs shows Rep Castle videoclip (video)
(7-24) Ed Show’s “Psycho Talk”: Lou Dobbs & the birthers (video)
(7-24) Lou Dobbs: Why is the LA Times calling me – not the WH? (video)
(7-24) Lou Dobbs, Roland Martin, Rep Poe re: birth certificate (video)
(7-27) Jon Stewart re: Lou Dobbs & birthers (video)
(7-29) Lou Dobbs vs “Teabagging Queen” (videos)
(7-30) TPM: Dobbs “racist comments”

(8-3) Bill Maher: “Of course we’re gonna hire an illegal alien to clean up” (video)
(7-29) Media Matters: CNN/Dobbs’ promoting racist conspiracies (video)
(8-3) Lou Dobbs: “There are people who want to stop the freedom of expression in this country” (video)
(8-3) Lou Dobbs re: Media Matters attack ads (video)
(8-4) Media Matters ad re: Dobbs “racially charged paranoia” (video)
(8-8) Olbermann re Dobbs: Have you had your tranquilizer dart, Lou? (video)
(8-9) Media Matters goes on CNN – does what they accused Dobbs of doing (video)
(8-10)Dobbs re: Olbermann: “He’s a chained-frothing-at-the-mouth-psychotic!” (video)

Kenyan Registration of Birth #1

(8-2) barry’s Kenyan birth certificate?
(8-2) Closeups Kenyan Registration of Birth
(8-3) Scribd copy Kenyan Registration of Birth
(8-2) Motion to expedite authentication of Kenyan Registration of Birth
(8-4) Kenyan ROB: Why alter a forgery?

Bill O’Reilly

(8-2) “Did they make up the baby?!” (video)
(8-5) “If I wanted to know, I’d find out tomorrow” (video)

(8-5) “Media Matters traffics in alleged racism” (video)
Open letter to Bill O’Reilly re: barry’s birth certificate

Taitz – Bill O’Reilly

FOX’s Lis Wiehl: “Twice [Taitz] took this case in front of the same judge” (video)
Orly Taitz responds to O’Reilly (video)
Nov 11: Bill O’Reilly protest led by Orly Taitz
Taitz’s Bill O’Reilly protest (video)

FireDogLake tabloid videos

(7-31) “Scum of the earth” anti-birthers go tabloid (video)
(8-1) Rep Reichert holds ground with tabloid anti-birthers (video)

Orly Taitz #3 (more below)

(7-24) Orly Taitz has new website
(8-2) Orly Taitz site listed as malicious – use new site
Proof: Orly Taitz licensed to appear before SCOTUS

CNN/Media Matters/Huffington Post

(7-22) Roland Martin: birthers “are right up there with Holocaust deniers”
(7-23) Kitty Pilgrim recites nonfacts & lies as “evidence” (video)
(7-26) Dear Media Matters: What hospital was barry born in? (video)
Rick Sanchez (video)
CNN boss Jon Klein: Dobbs: birthers dead issue
CNN Jon Klein 2.0: Dobbs responsible journalist

Chris Matthews

(7-23) Matthews vs Rep Campbell re: Rep Posey’s bill (video)
(7-22) Matthews: “The reason I brought this up is the guy who shot at the Holocaust Museum” (video)
(7-23) Axelrod re: birth certificate issue “silly” & “trite” (video)
(7-23) Matthews, Dee Dee Myers & Blankley re: birthers (video)
(7-27) Matthews re: Jon Stewart birther rant (video)
(7-28) Ms Walsh: birthers “into the taboo of interracial sex for the crazies” (video)
(7-30) Matthews vs G. Gordon Liddy (video)
(7-30) Chuck Todd knew the truth about barry’s birth certificate
(8-3) Chris Matthews backs out of Taitz interview
(8-21) Dancing groper, Matthews vs dancing birther, DeLay (video)
“Birther be gone” Matthews’ wrong…again (video)
Matthews blames birthers for violence once again (video)
Hardball Sideshow: Colorado birth certificate billboard
Matthews rant: birthers want to “assassinate [barry] with their lies” (video/text)

FOX: Sean Hannity/Glenn Beck

Sean Hannity mentions Major Cook (video)
FOX: Major Cook, birth certificate issue (video)
Anti-Fox birther site
Glenn Beck: barry released his “birth certificate” (video)

MSNBC/NBC/Young Turks

David Shuster, Tamron Hall vs Orly Taitz (video)
Brian Williams: Obamas birthplace still blog fodder (video)
Rude Cenk Uygur vs Orly Taitz (video)
Howard Dean, Chris Hayes re: birthers (video)
Dylan Radigan vs Orly Taitz (video)

Rachel Maddow

Blames birthers for Holocaust Memorial shooting (video)
Happy Birther Day” (video)
“Can a female person be that kind of a Queen?” (video)
Rachel Maddow + Dave Weigel = clueless x 2 (video)
Rachel Maddow’s Orly Taitz “campaign ad” (video)

Cook v Good

Application for TRO
Major Cook’s active duty revocation order
Application for Injunction
Major Cook’s plaintiff verification re: Injunction

Cook v Good dismissed
Cook v Good: Minute Sheet
Cook v Good: Judge Clay’s opinion

Orly Taitz re: Cook dismissal (video)
Major Stefan Cook re: dismissal (video)
Orly Taitz Update re: Major Cook’s case


Kerchner v Obama & Congress

Kerchner v Obama & Congress
The Chalice Show (radio): Charles Kerchner, Mario Apuzzo, Andy Martin
Charles Kerchner  et al v Obama & Congress et al Civil Action No. 1:09-cv-00253
Charles Kerchner v Obama & Congress: Letters to the Judge
Charles Kerchner v Obama & Congress: Defense Motion
Kerchner’s Washington Times ad re: barry’s eligibility
Kerchner v Obama Motion To Dismiss GRANTED

The Obama File

The Obama File – back up?
The Obama File closed – lack of support
The Obama File website picked up by the Library of Congress

Orly Taitz #2 (more below)

(7-12) Taitz Hearing re: barry default
(7-13) Orly Taitz case continues

DOJ State Secrets

DOJ memo: New State Secrets Policies and Procedures
Policies, Procedures re: Invocation of the State Secrets Privilege
Sen Feingold re: barry’s State Secrets Privilege

Berg – Hollister

(10-24-2008) Berg’s original case: Berg v Obama Judge Surrick’s ruling

Berg  challenges barry’s citizenship
Is barry’s COLB a fraud?
UPDATE 1: Berg case dismissed in Philly – appeal to SCOTUS
Berg’s ad in Washington Times Weekly
Bush WH spokesman Tony Fratto has no comment
UPDATE 2: Hawaii official comment & Dr Polarik’s forgery video
UPDATE 3: WTP open letter to barry to run in Chicago Tribune
UPDATE 4: Andy Martin HI (dismissed)
barry’s grandmother claims she was present at birth
UPDATE 5: Cort Wrotnowski’s submission to SCOTUS – Anthrax
If barry were proven to be ineligible?
UPDATE 6: barry’s selective service registration a forgery?
Amending the Natural Born Citizen Requirement
barry will be hiding out in Hawaii
UPDATE 7: WTP & Mary Mitchell rant
UPDATE 8: List of barry lawsuits
UPDATE 9: List of barry’s birth certificate posts
Video transcription of translated call from barry’s grandmother Sarah
UPDATE 10: barry’s birth certificate: WTP press conference
UPDATE 11: compiled list of updates
UPDATE 12:Berg SCOTUS docket No. 08-570

(12-8) Video transcription of call from barry’s grandmother Sarah
(1-5) berg & barry featured in the Globe
(1-9) No decision by SCOTUS
(1-9) Col Hollister v barry soetoro
(1-11) Berg radio interview
(1-11) Why won’t the proobamedia air this ad?
(1-12) Berg v obama denied by SCOTUS
(1-12) Berg’s comments on SCOTUS denial
(1-16) Berg’s letter to Members of Congress
(4-9) Phil Berg press release

(6-13) Update: Berg cases
(6-13) Berg’s sealed case “dismissed with prejudice” [Case No. 08-cv-1933]

(7-2) Berg filing motion for reconsideration
Obamacare/Obama Eligibility March on Washington

barry & Biden with SCOTUS

Take #1 Oath of Office (video)
TAKE #2 Oath of Office
VP Biden’s joke about Roberts’ memory (video)
What type of Commander in Chief does this?
barry and biden meet privartely with SCOTUS
body language: barry, biden and the Supreme Court Justices

Lightfoot v Bowen

barry’s birth certificate: Lightfoot v Bowen docket
Lightfoot v Bowen disappeared off SCOTUS Docket
Lightfoot v Bowen is back

Taitz/Judge Roberts/SCOTUS Stay clerk Danny Bickell

(3-13) Orly Taitz delivers documents to Chief Justice Roberts
(3-13) AP reporter’s take on Taitz – Justice Roberts interaction
(3-16) Orly Taitz shout out to Mr Richard Holley in Moscow Idaho for his assistance
(3-16) Orly Taitz questions Chief Justice Roberts (audio/text)
(3-21) Orly Taitz questions Chief Justice Roberts (video)
(3-17) Orly Taitz outs Danny Bickell to Justice Roberts
(3-18) Explanation: Danny Bickell
(3-18) Leo Donofrio vs Danny Bickell

Quo Warranto plaintiffs – Military Oath

Military plaintiff consent form
Non-military plaintiff consent form
Enlisted vs Commissioned Military Oath of Office
Active member of Military Intelligence signed on with Taitz
Orly Taitz’s military & office holding plaintiffs
Lt Col David A Earl-Graef USAFR MC’s letter to Robert Gates
Ret Major General Carroll D. Childers signs on
State Rep Laurence Rappaport signs on Orly Taitz’s case
TN’s Frank Niceley, Stacey Campfield & Glen Casada join Eric Swafford
State Rep Eric Swafford (R-TN) signs on (2-9)

Taitz website fiasco (3-22)

Recovered Orly Taitz posts
(4-11) Orly Taitz cyberattacked…again?
(4-11) Site abruptly shut down because of PayPal investigation?
(4-11) Taitz Dossier #5 re: PayPal account
(4-12) Taitz site taken down because of fraudulent claims?
(4-12) Taitz letter to SCOTUS – alleged reason for the site shutdown?
(4-12) Orly Taitz’s interim blog
(4-13) Explanation re: Orly Taitz site change from her interim blog
(4-13) Orly Taitz: PayPal, FBI, Lisa
(4-15) Orly Taitz interim blog =
(4-17) Update on Orly Taitz’s blog situation
(4-18) Orly Taitz new blog =
(4-20) Do not send Orly Taitz donations through PayPal

Taitz #1 (on radio)

(3-7 & 8)  Orly Taitz’s upcoming radio appearances
(2-10) Dr Orly Taitz on Matthew Hill Radio Show

Keyes v Bowen & Occidental College

[may have to click the google cache version of the pdf]
(2-24) Keyes: “Obama is a radical Communist!”
(2-24) Keyes v Bowen: Explanation and Links
(11-13) Keyes v Bowen: Petition for Writ of Mandate

Occidental College Subpoena
(1-15) Relevant text
(1-15) Official pdf
(2-11) Motion to Quash (text)
(2-11) Notice of Motion to Quash (pdf)
(2-11)  Motion to Quash (pdf)
(2-20) Discussion of Motion to Quash
(3-13)  QUASHED

Quo Warranto

(3-1) Pre-Litigation Quo Warranto Letter to Atty Gen Holder
(3-13) Orly Taitz delivers documents to Chief Justice Roberts
(3-25) Taitz meets with William Chatfield (Selective Service)
(3-25) Quo Warranto and Application for Emergency Stay re-filed in person
(3-25) Orly Taitz: Documents present and accounted for at DOJ & SCOTUS
(3-26) Orly Taitz letter to Chief Justice Roberts
(3-28) Orly Taitz letter to US Atty Jeffrey Taylor
(4-9) Update on Quo Warranto
(4-28) Taitz’s Plaintiffs: Petition for an Extraordinary Writ of Mandamus

Leo Donofrio – Cort Wrotnowski

Donofrio: To be heard by SCOTUS
Donofrio: Denied by SCOTUS
Donofrio: Comments on denial

Wrotnowski: application to SCOTUS (Anthrax)
Wrotnowski: Awaiting SCOTUS decision
Wrotnowski: UPDATE: re SCOTUS decision
Wrotnowski: Application denied by SCOTUS

Andy Martin

Andy Martin sues to force barry to release his real birth certificate
National Conference on Barack Obama’s Missing Birth Certificate and College Records
Andy Martin’s April 3-4 Conference follow up
Andy Martin pre-conference background video
Andy Martin letter to Gov Lingle re: missing info
Original letter (11-2) from Andy Martin to Gov Lingle re: barry record
Letter to Media Matters

Andy Martin’s movie “Obama: The Hawai’i Years”
Andy Martin’s “Second National Conference on Barack Obama’s Missing Birth Certificate and College Records”

Teabaggers/Tea Party

Citizen Grand Juries

Relevant Websites

Dr “Ron Polarik’s” website proof of forgery
Philip Berg obamacrimes
Leo Donofrio Natural Born Citizen
Robert Schultz We The People
America Must Know lawsuit list
The Obama File
Orly Taitz
Citizens Against Pro-Obama Media Bias

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