Flight 1549

(8-8-09) Hudson plane vs helicopter mid-air collision


LATEST 1549 – then filed belowupdated 4-20-10

Flight 1549 appearances & Year in Review

2010 Boston Marathon: Patrick Harten results?

The mystery of Jeff Skiles’ neck

Capt Sullenberger, Doreen Welsh retiring
Doreen Welsh re: retirement
Capt Sullenberger re: retirement
US Airline Pilots Association re: Capt Sully retirement
Capt Sullenberger talks with press after landing in Charlotte


Flight 1549: The Year in Review

Flight 1549: Remnant of 320 Airbus for sale “as is”

Reminder: Flight 1549 documentary tonight 9pm/11pm EST (video clip)

Capt Sully at “Brace for Impact” screening (video)

Capt Sullenberger to be Rose Parade grand marshal

Matt Lauer interviews the Sullenbergers

Jeff Skiles to speak at Wright Brothers Memorial Banquet

Flight 1549 passenger book: Miracle on the Hudson

“Top Dogs and Their Pets” – Capt Sully & dog Twinkle

In the running for mustache of the year

Charity Work

Wings of Mercy Benefit (Welsh/Harten)
Harten/Welsh honored at HS football game
No Wings benefit update found
Update: Wings benefit

Sheila Dail, Doreen Welsh to team up for charity
Capt Sullenberger PSA for St Jude Children’s Hospital

Captain Sully & First Officer Skiles reunite to finish flight

Capt Sullenberger: new position, will fly soon
Sullenberger/Skiles reunite in the cockpit
Sully & Skiles taxi/take off first flight back
Sully & Skiles land in Charlotte
Sully & Skiles press conference in Charlotte
Homemade videos Sully/Skiles arriving: Charlotte & NY

Captain Sully’s new book

Capt Sully book promo: Lori Sullenberger
(10-13) Capt Sully’s book: Highest Duty: My Search for What Really Matters
(10-13) Today: Capt Sullenberger’s new book: “Highest Duty”
(10-13) The Daily Show: Capt Sullenberger
(10-15) Capt Sullenberger reads from his book


Pix & Videos of Flight 1549

Obama comments

National Air Traffic Controllers Association salute


1-20 Inauguration (pix)

2-1 Super Bowl (pix)

2-3 Rick Reilly ESPN video couple of sentences about seeing Sullenberger at Super Bowl

2-7 South Pacific Sullenberger family (pix)

Feb 8th 60 Minutes with Katie Couric (pix)

Part 1 Capt Sullenberger account (text)
Part 1 Capt Sullenberger account (video)

Part 2 Flight Crew (text)
Part 2 Flight Crew (video)

Part 3 Passengers (text)
Part 3 Passengers (video

Video includes a still photo of President and First Lady at the Neighborhood Inaugural Ball with Capt Sullenberger, Jeff Skiles, Donna Dent and Sheila Dail.

2-9 Good Morning America (video)

2-9 Early Show (video)

2-9 Keys to the City

2-10 David Letterman Show

David Letterman homemade video
David Letterman CBS video snippet

FULL Letterman Show CBS video (added 11-16)

2-10 Larry King Crew of Flight 1549

Flight 1549 crew (transcript)
Part 1 (7:21)
Part 2 (8:08)

2-11 Larry King Crew of Flight 1549, passengers, rescuers
Flight 1549: crew, passengers, rescuers (transcript)
Flight 1549: passengers react to cockpit recording
Links to Larry King CNN video

2-11 Greta Van Susteren:

Part 1 (video & transcript)
Part 2 (video & transcript)
Part 3 (video)


No NBC. The Today Show refused unless they were exclusive – they were supposed to be the original interview. I don’t understand the selfishness. Each show the story becomes more complete – especially with the passenger stories. It’s their audience who is going to be angry.

Congressional Hearing

Flight 1549: Congressional Hearing summary
Flight 1549: Capt Sullenberger before Congress
Flight 1549: First Officer Jeff Skiles before Congress
Flight 1549: Air Traffic Controller Pat Harten before Congress
Flight 1549: Sheila Dail, Donna Dent, Doreen Welsh before Congress

Air Traffic Controller, Patrick Harten

Flight 1549 Transcript of cockpit recording + Teterboro
Flight 1549 Cockpit recording (video audio)

Patrick Harten to wear #1549 in Boston Marathon
Patrick Harten finishes 355th! in Boston Marathon

Timeline of FDNY & NYPD immediate response

Passenger reactions:

Immediate – Dave Sanderson, Jeff Kolodjay, Craig Black, Bill Wiley, Laurie Crane; Fred Beretta.

Next morning, still hospitalized: Dave Sanderson & Barry Leonard
Later: ‘Bill from Cincinnati’ & Dave Carlos

Emma Sopina

Flight 1549 passenger Emma Sophina gets record deal
Emma Sophina sings “Send Another Prayer” on the Early Show

Capt Sullenberger

Captain Sullenberger’s sister: Mary Wilson

Lori & Sully Sullenberger personal interview

Sullenberger tossed 1st pitch at Yankee Stadium (4-4)
(VIDEO) Capt Sullenberger’s 1st pitch Yankees – Cubs (4-4)
Capt Sullenberger tossed first pitch for SF Giants (4-7)

Capt Sullenberger receives USAF Academy Jabara Medal

Capt Sullenberger’s 2 book deal
Capt Sullenberger: nays running for office
Capt Sullenberger to speak at HS alma mater
(6-6) Capt Sullenberger (Ret. USAF) Honors D-Day,

Gives Commencement Address at HS alma mater, Denison, TX
Capt Sullenberger gets hero’s welcome in original hometown
Capt Sullenberger gets hero’s welcome home (video)

MLB video Sully (Giants) and Skiles first pitches

First Officer Jeff Skiles

Jeff Skiles
Jeff Skiles tossed first pitch Brewers’ opener

Jeff Skiles returning to the skies

Flight Attendants

Association of Flight Attendants honor Flight 1549 Flight Attendants

Doreen Welsh

Doreen Welsh
Doreen Welsh interview with KTKA TV (video)

Bird strike Investigation

Awaiting bird bit ID
Bird bits – Canada geese
Helicopter downed by birdstrike
Bird-detecting radar
Low-tech bird solution at Sea-Tac.
Smithsonian birdstrike Feather Identification Lab

Final autopsy results: Labrador Canada geese

Flight 1549 revisited


What really happened in the back of the plane?
Flight Attendant’s Union re: rear door opening question

1549 passenger witness did not even know rear door was breached

NTSB apologizes to Doreen Welsh
Association of Flight Attendants press release re: NTSB hearing

Doreen Welsh post-NTSB Hearing interview with KTKA TV

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