Updated: Drew Peterson posts

Drew Peterson posts

updated 4-25-10

Most recent at the bottom

May 8, 2009

It’s a lot easier to have one update page than to link things together. Not comprehensive or chronological.

Check out the Drew Peterson, Stacy Peterson, Kathleen Savio and Christina Raines archives.

There are more in the drafts – Drew’s, Christina Raines’, Ernie Raines’ and Thomas Morphey’s interviews, Drew separate radio interviews with Raines, Geraldo and Peterson, grand jury, timeline and other things that haven’t been posted.


(9-30-08) CBS Video interview – good for body language
(10-10-08) Today Show: Drew Peterson: 1-yr anniversary Stacy’s disappearance

Christina Raines, finacee (more below)

(12-18) Peterson gets engaged
(12-23) Fiancee, pictures

(1-9) Peterson being “stalked”
(1-12) Fiancee moves in

(1-15) Peterson: “I am the most beautiful man!”
(1-15) WBBM’s Steve Miller chats with Drew Peterson

(1-25) Peterson didn’t celebrate Stacy’s birthday

(2-3) Peterson’s lawyer, Joel Brodsky on the “engagement”

(2-5) Drew Peterson on Mancow & Cassidy Radio Show

(2-11) Drew Peterson “fiancee” has moved back in
(2-13) Today Show: Drew Peterson & Christina Raines
(2-13) Today Show: Drew Peterson & Christina Raines (transcript)

(3-28) Drew Peterson & Christina Raines featured in PEOPLE

(3-6) Joel Brodsky re: Thomas Morphey’s immunity

Kathleen Savio documents

Autopsy #1 (March 1, 2004)
Press release Savio death ruled a homicide
Kathleen Savio’s letter to State’s Attorney documenting Peterson’s abuse
Kathleen Savio: Letter and police report (7-5-02)
Anonymous letter sent to Kathleen Savio
Better copy of anonymous letter sent to Kathleen Savio
Kathleen Savio’s Last Will and Testament

Savio family wrongful death lawsuit

Press release Savio death ruled a homicide
Ruling Kathleen Savio estate
Drew Peterson appealing disposition of Savio estate

Savio v Peterson wrongful death lawsuit
Drew Peterson hit with wrongful death lawsuit
Drew Peterson’s response to wrongful death lawsuit
Drew Peterson’s official statement on Savio wrongful death lawsuit
Kathleen Savio’s niece comments on lawsuit

Sun Times about Peterson uncle who was the initial executor

Drew Peterson’s “fiancee” moved out…again

Drew Peterson: “[Stacy’s] on vacation and she’s not coming back”
Drew Peterson reaches all-time low – makes sons go on TV to defend him
Police searching for Stacy Peterson again

Drew & his lawyer talking about wrongful death lawsuit on WGN (video doesn’t embed)
Mancow & Cassidy: Stacy Peterson’s sister, Cassandra Cales vs Peterson (audio)


Peterson bizarre words caught on tape
Phonecall with Mancow about brothel (video audio)
Drew Peterson brothel bound?

Peterson Grand Jury winding down

(5-7-09) Drew Peterson arrest

Drew Peterson arrest (video)
MUCH better (video) of complete arrest – FOX
Drew Peterson arrest CBS 2
Drew Peterson: “I guess I should have returned those library books”

Peterson arrest press conference: IL State Police Capt. Carl Dobrich (video)
Drew Peterson arrest press conference: Will County State’s Atty James Glasgow
Drew Peterson arrest press conference: James Glasgow (video)

Drew Peterson Mugshot
Drew Peterson indictment
Drew Peterson appears in court

Kathleen Savio family reactions (video)
Drew Peterson arrested for murder of 3rd wife (Stacy & Savio families on phone)
Kathleen Savio’s niece/nephew Melissa/Charlie Doman – The Early Show (video)
Kathleen Savio’s sister, Susan Doman: “He needs to face reality” (video)
Savio family re: Peterson arrest WBBM 780

Post-arrest media blitz

Peterson Atty Joel Brodsky’s official statement
Peterson Atty Joel Brodsky’s media blitz
Peterson Atty Joel Brodsky – The Early Show (video)
Peterson Atty Joel Brodsky – GMA (video)
Peterson Atty Joel Brodsky – Today Show (video)

Joel Brodsky visits Peterson in jail

Statement from Drew Peterson’s children

Christina Raines

Christina Raines visits fiance Drew Peterson in jail
Christina Raines has retained Gloria Allred
Gloria Allred to act as Christina Raines’ spokesperson
Gloria Allred statement re: Christina Raines

Drew Peterson in jail

Peterson on the Today Show tomorrow
Drew Peterson chats with Matt, collect
A glimpse of Drew Peterson’s new digs

Calls in to Mancow “Win a conjugal visit with Drew”

Post arrest developments

(5-17) Peterson attorneys Brodsky & Odeh media blitz
(5-17) Peterson arraignment tomorrow, TV before, press conference to follow Peterson arraignment

(5-18) Drew Peterson Defense Team
(5-18) Peterson Lawyer: Reem Odeh (press release)

(5-18) The Early Show pre-arraignment Brodsky & Odeh (video)
(5-18) Brodsky: lower bail – Peterson not flight risk (video)

(5-18) Peterson arraignment: pled not guilty (5-18) video
(5-18) Peterson defense post-arraignment comments (5-18) video
(5-18) Kathleen Savio’s family post-arraignment (video)

(5-20) Peterson attorneys to challenge Glasgow request for new judge (press release)
(5-21) New judge appointed in Peterson case

(5-22) Brodsky pre-hearing: bond should be $100-500K (video)
(5-22) Peterson: Judge Policandriotes denies request to lower bond

(5-22) Stacy Peterson family re: Peterson not getting out
(5-22) Savio family: “It’s Kathleen Savio Day!”

(5-22) Peterson defense press conference
(5-22) Peterson defense raises issue of recusal
(5-22) Peterson defense filing immediate appeal

(5-28) Reem Odeh statemnet re: unidentified body not Stacy Peterson

(5-29) Peterson defense requesting new judge
(6-1) Defense granted new judge

Peterson calls in to Mancow “Win a conjugal visit with Drew”
Peterson muzzled

(6-25) Defense asks judge for help with discovery

Brodsky: Investigator “hit on” Peterson fiancee
Gloria Allred: Raines was not “hit on”

(7-14) Drew Peterson trial delayed


(10-2) Peterson trial to remain in Will County
(10-2) Peterson trial Hearsay Law stands

(10-6) Peterson’s stepdaughter: “I think anything is possible with him”
(10-6) Brodsky re: Peterson’s stepdaughter’s comments on GMA
Peterson stepdaughter co-author: Cease and Desist


(1-19) Peterson Hearsay Trial Day 1

(2-12) Thoughts about Stacy

(2-23) Peterson trial date June 14, no hearsay ruling

(4-25) Drew Peterson defense team changes again

(5-28) Peterson defense requests 2-month delay

(6-2) Peterson trial to begin July 8

(7-7) Peterson trial delayed, could be freed on bond tomorrow

(7-8) Bail denied

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